Ultherapy: See the Power of Ultrasound

One of the best ways to improve your self-esteem and confidence is to face the world with a youthful and fresh face. This enables you to feel more confident when you are meeting someone new, at a business meeting or taking a trip to a new and exciting destination. When your face appears haggard or worn, you may wish you were able to simply hide from the world. If you have ever experienced these feelings, you want to consider a treatment called Ultherapy®. This treatment is capable of transforming your face. This is a completely safe ultrasound treatment that does not involve surgery. The procedure counteracts the impact of gravity and time on your skin. 

Our medical professional is able to see the tissue layers being treated during your procedure. This means they can make certain the energy is sent to where it will do the most good. Due to the addition of the new decolletage treatment, this is the only non-invasive treatment the FDA has approved specifically for the improvement of wrinkles and lines on the chest. This is also the only non-invasive procedure the FDA has cleared to lift your skin. The regenerative response of your body is used to gradually and gently lift your skin on your neck, beneath your chin and on your eyebrows. The procedure also helps smooth out wrinkles and lines. The treatment impacts the same deep foundational layer targeted during cosmetic surgery. Although this procedure does not provide the same results as a facelift, it is an excellent alternative. 

Ultherapy® provides an exceptional option if you do not want to have cosmetic surgery or have already had surgery and want to extend your results. Although your results are subtle, you can see the difference. The procedure uses the unique properties of sound energy to penetrate the surface layer of your skin. This enables the device to treat deeper depths than any other non-invasive, non-surgical device. The treatment stimulates your production of collagen in the deep layers of your skin. The result is a lifting of your tissue during the next two to three months. Lasers use light energy unable to penetrate to the deeper layers of skin using an optimal temperature. This is the reasons lasers are used for the superficial layers. 

Ultrasound energy is deposited and focused beneath your skin at the optimal temperature. This enables your body’s regeneration of collagen. Ultherapy® triggers a natural process called neocollagenesis to create fresh collagen. Instead of relying on toxins, fillers or creams, the treatment uses your body’s natural process for building collagen. This provides noticeable results. The time required for your treatment is dependent on your individual goals and the area you are having treated. The procedure for your neck and face requires approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Only 30 minutes or so are necessary for a chest treatment. The best part is there is no downtime. The moment you walk out the door, you can immediately resume your daily schedule. 

During your procedure, small amounts of energy penetrate to specific depths. This initiates the process of building collagen. The treatment is comfortable and you should not feel any pain or discomfort. Although you may notice a slight difference after your treatment, your optimal results require two to three months. This is the time necessary for your body to begin regenerating your collagen. The length of time your results last depends on your body’s natural collagen production. New collagen is produced in the deep layers of your skin. The natural process of your body is responsible for the results you see on the outside. Maintenance treatments can often keep up with the aging process to help you maintain your results. 

In most cases, only one treatment is necessary. If you have a lot of skin laxity, your process for building collagen and the way you respond to the ultrasound energy may require an additional Ultherapy® treatment. This treatment has been safely performed more than 350,000 times all over the world. The medical field has been using ultrasound energy safely for over 50 years. The best candidates for this treatment have skin laxity classified as mild to moderate. This is when the skin starts to feel and look less firm. The most common issues include sagging beneath the chin, wrinkles or lines on the chest, loose neck skin and a lowered eyebrow line. The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure is to consult with a medical professional.

Due to the aging process, the skin on your face will gradually start to form lines, folds and wrinkles. Your production of collagen will decline and your hormone levels decrease. Your lifestyle will also impact your drop in collagen levels. This includes your diet, whether or not you smoke, your alcohol consumption and your exposure to the environment. Your treatment is based on the stimulation of new collagen. Collagen is a protein naturally found in your muscles, digestive system, bones, skin and blood vessels. Collagen is a key factor in the elasticity, strength and glow of your skin. Your dead skin cells are replaced by your collagen with fresher and newer cells. The device targets your structural tissues found in the deep layers of your skin where your production of facial collagen occurs. With Ultherapy®, your new production will last for months. 

The rays of the sun can be concentrated through the use of a magnifying glass. This is very similar to the way the Ultherapy® procedure works. The difference is ultrasound waves are being focused as opposed to the rays from the sun. The non-invasive device is simply placed on your skin. The outer layer of your skin will not be impacted by the ultrasound waves. The design of the device focuses both thermal energy and ultrasound energy to the deeper layers of your skin. This effectively heats the cells. The increase in your cell temperature triggers your production of collagen to heal. The result is firmer and healthier skin. There are no side effects or pain with Ultherapy®. Some individuals have felt a slight tingling sensation that disappears quickly because your skin becomes used to the ultrasound energy. 

If you are just starting to notice the signs of the aging process, then Ultherapy® is probably a good option for you. Short treatments are capable of reversing droopy eyes, wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. The individuals who receive the best results are over the age of 35. The treatment is a lot less expensive than a surgical facelift, chin operation or neck lift. You will not have the lengthy period of recovery associated with surgery because there is no downtime. Once you complete your treatment, you simply resume your life. Even laser treatments require a period of healing. Neurotoxins are effective for banding, yet the results for sagging skin are almost nonexistent. Procedures using radiofrequency are unable to reach the same level of penetration so they do not offer you optimal results. 

You skin will appear firmer almost immediately after your Ultherapy® treatment. Once your collagen production has been stimulated, your production will continue for months. You will need to be patient because the best results require between four and six months to appear. The idea behind the treatment is simple. Ultrasound energy is used for the delivery of thermal energy into your skins deeper layers. When this process is used for your face and chest, your skin cells are activated to increase your production of new collagen. Your skin becomes brighter, firmer and more youthful. You can even have your treatment over your lunch break and immediately go back to work. 

The Benefits of Ultherapy®

This treatment provides a lot of benefits. The procedure offers a significant improvement in loose or saggy skin with no side effects, no complications and eliminates the need for both surgery and anesthesia. Since the medical professional can see the deeper layers of your skin due to the ultrasound imaging, your procedure can be customized. This means the heat is sent directly to the specific areas needing improvement the most. Unlike severe side effects, the only thing you may notice is a slight flush to your skin. This will disappear fairly quickly and naturally. Your results will appear gradually. This means unless you choose to reveal your secret, your friends, acquaintances and family will not be aware you have had a cosmetic treatment. All they will notice is you look radiant and more youthful. 

You only have to wait for three to six months to see your optimal results. In most cases, just one session is necessary. Your natural collagen will rejuvenate in the deeper layers of your skin. This is what effectively tightens your skin. The procedure helps to place the aging process on hold for roughly two years. If you are interested in Ultherapy®, then consider us here at Radiant Divine Medical Spa. We have offices located in Avon, Brecksville, and Medina, OH. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!