Jessica Wilson Sobb, MD
Medical Director

Dr Wilson-Sobb’s desire to help people led her to a career in medicine.  While attending medical school, she decided to pursue emergency medicine and ended up at a residency program in NW Ohio.  While she enjoyed a 20+ year ER career, she realized that spending more time with family was most important.  A colleague introduced her to aesthetics and it was an immediate “fit”. Aesthetics has allowed her to use her practical skills and knowledge of anatomy, and spend more time with her loved ones! By luck she met Rachel and Ryan and loved their business model and professional ethics.  So, her decision to join Radiant Divine as Medical Director was an easy one.

I am originally from Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby. I moved to Northern Ohio for ER Residency and stayed in the area after graduation.

My desire and passion to help people started in Medical School and led me to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine. I enjoyed my many years as an ER attending and over those years, my life changed. I got married and soon after, started a family. Spending time away from my family grew harder and harder each year and I knew I needed a change. A colleague introduced me to Aesthetics and I immediately felt it was a “fit”. Not only did it allow me to set my own schedule, it still allowed me to use my medical knowledge of anatomy and my comfort of doing procedures. Aesthetics allows me to fulfill my desire to have a successful career and help people feel better about themselves. But even more, it allows me to spend that precious time with my family that you can never get back!