Treatment time: 45 minutes
Longevity: 1 Year - 18 Months



Radiesse is used to treat moderate to deep wrinkles in the mid-face and hands. Injecting Radiesse into the hands helps to combat wrinkles and volume loss, resulting in fuller, more youthful looking hands. Radiesse also fills in lines and deep wrinkles, and adds volume to areas that are sunken or hollow. Treatment areas include: Temples, cheeks, nasalabial folds, downturned corners of the mouth, chin, jawline, and aging hands. Radiesse, along with providing instant results, stimulates new collagen growth, for a result

Radiesse® is the first and only filler that has received FDA approval for use in both the face and the hands. The unique, innovative gel formula contains calcium microspheres (CaHA) that produce collagen, resulting in immediate and long-lasting volume augmentation.



How Does RADIESSE Work?

Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) gel microspheres that work immediately upon injection. CaHA is made up of ions of phosphate and calcium, which occur naturally in the human body.

The injectable gel initially does all the work of filling in the volume you want. As time goes on, though, the CaHA stimulates your naturally-occurring collagen, allowing your skin to produce more of its own filler. The hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon in the gel help to create a structure that mimics connective tissue.

Eventually, the CaHA absorbs back into your body, leaving your collagen in its place. Because of the science behind Radiesse, treatment results can last for well over a year — even up to two years for some people.

What is the average amount I will need per treatment?

This will vary from one client to the next. On average, most clients receive 1 -2 syringes per visit. The common target areas would be: 

Hands - ( 1 Syringe per Hand)

Cheeks - ( 1-2  Syringes)

Lips & Around Mouth -  ( 1-2  Syringes)

Neck - ( 1-2  Syringes)

Jawline Contourng - ( 2 syringes per side)



Who is a good candidate for Radiesse?

People who receive Radiesse injections tend to get them in areas of the face, particularly around the nose and mouth, where the skin is wrinkled or folded. It’s used to fill laugh lines and restore a youthful appearance to the skin. In some cases, Radiesse can be used to fill in deep scars.

Radiesse can be used to fill in lost volume in the back of your hands as well. It’s also indicated for people with HIV who have lost fat in areas of their face.

What is the Recovery Time with Radiesse and What Can I Expect ?

You can expect immediate improvement in the treated skin. Within a week, you should experience full results.

Radiesse isn’t permanent, so you’ll have to repeat treatments as often as needed. For some people, treatments will only be required every two years. Others might need small maintenance injections in between major treatments.

Swelling shouldn’t be severe, and you should expect it to go down in no more than 36 hours. You’ll probably experience some bruising and discomfort, which you can alleviate with over-the-counter medicines.

While you’ll be able to return to your normal routine immediately, you’ll need to avoid strenuous exercise or other activities. Your skin may be especially sensitive to sunlight, so avoid direct sun and heat for at least 24 hours or until your redness and swelling have gone down.