The Benefits of NAD IV Therapy Near Cleveland

Feeling better is the best part of looking better, at Radiant Divine Medical Spa, we get this. Your body needs plenty of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to perform at its best. Day-to-day living, exercise, stress— these all take their toll on your system’s resources. 

And oftentimes (for some of us—most of the time) we don’t eat how we should or drink enough water to replenish our bodies. When that happens, the machine isn’t getting the nutrition it needs to make you feel healthy, energized, and happy.

This is where IV therapy lends a helping hand—or “bag”—to give your body the replenishing, reviving boost it needs.

What NAD IV Therapy Does

IV drip therapy, sometimes called hydration therapy or—more easily—iv therapy, involves placing an intravenous line inside a vein. This delivers fluid, vitamins, and nutrients directly and safely into your bloodstream, bypassing the destructive digestive process. 

Boost overall wellness

Improve your cognitive clarity, raise your metabolism and energy levels, manage stress, and improve your mood. 

Regenerate cell growth

NAD IV therapy is designed to jump-start cell growth and repair. It activates enzymes in the body to repair and prevent DNA damage.

Reduce inflammation

Speed your recovery from injury and improve muscle performance.

Treat autoimmune symptoms

Patients who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lupus can experience a decrease in symptoms after starting NAD IV therapy near Cleveland.

How NAD IV Therapy Works

When you visit one of our four Radiant Divine locations for NAD IV Therapy near Cleveland, you’ll be shown to one of our comfortable treatment rooms. After your provider inserts your IV you can sit back and relax. 

Be sure to bring a book or something to do, because you’ll be hooked up for 2 or 4 hours depending on your treatment plan.

Boost your wellness with NAD IV therapy today!

Radiant Divine Medical Spa is here to help you make your best self a reality. Let’s get the conversation started! 

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