How Quickly Does Xeomin Work?

Wrinkles rob your skin of that youthful glow and vibrancy that once defined your skin. While you can’t turn back the clock when it comes to your age, you can restore the youth that the aging process has taken from your skin. That’s where Xeomin comes in. At Radiant Divine Medical Spa in Avon, OH, we offer this effective injectable that can help smooth out your wrinkles, restore youth to your appearance, and help you feel confident about how you look.

How Quickly Does Xeomin Work?

Once you commit to adding cosmetic injectables to your anti-aging routine, you want to see results as quickly as possible. With this treatment, you’ll get exactly that: quick results. Within a few days of your initial treatment, you’ll begin to notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of your lines and wrinkles and your results will only improve in the days following your treatment. When it comes to wrinkle-reduction, this injectable delivers quick results.

Your Results

You should go into this treatment knowing that results do vary among patients. Some people have deeper more severe wrinkles, so it will take longer for them to achieve their desired results than those with lighter to more moderate wrinkles. Everyone has different needs, which is why we create customized treatment plans for each of our patients.

Some patients will require additional treatment sessions after their initial session for the best results, others will achieve their desired results after one treatment. On average, our patients begin to see noticeable improvements in the appearance of their wrinkles within three to five days of their appointment. Results will continue to improve as the weeks go by and you should see your best results by one-month post-treatment.

What Is Xeomin?

Xeomin is a neuromodulator that works similar to Botox in that it targets and treats dynamic wrinkles that form as a result of repetitive facial movements. It temporarily prevents the nerve signals from sending movement messages to the muscles. As a result, the skin finally gets a chance to rest, the facial muscles relax, and wrinkles fade.

All About Dynamic Wrinkles

Human interaction requires expression. Throughout the day, you make many different facial expressions that pull your skin back and forth, up and down, and side to side. When you’re young, your skin can tolerate all of this movement since your collagen and elastin production is high and your skin has everything that it needs to bounce back and stay smooth. As you age, smiling, frowning, laughing, furrowing, and eyebrow raises start to take a toll on your skin.

Collagen and elastin production decreases and as a result, your skin can’t bounce back quite so easily. Yet you continue to force your skin into those repetitive facial movements throughout the day and eventually, lines, folds, wrinkles, and creases form from all of those dynamic movements. All of the signs of aging that result from dynamic movements are called dynamic wrinkles.

The Downside of Dynamic Wrinkles

Not only are they hard to prevent, because you can’t just stop expressing yourself, but dynamic wrinkles are hard to treat. Wrinkle creams and topical products can only do so much to soften these lines. A healthy lifestyle inclusive of a clean diet, plenty of water, and regular exercise can help keep your skin healthy, but sometimes your genetic makeup is stronger than your lifestyle.

Genetics can cause premature aging where you start to develop wrinkles sooner than you should. The downside of dynamic wrinkles is that they can make you appear old, tired, and angry. This injectable provides you with a solution. It can treat these wrinkles in a way that topical products simply cannot.

What Does It Treat?

If you have developed dynamic wrinkles, know that you don’t have to live with them. Xeomin can change everything after a few strategic injections. It can treat forehead wrinkles, the frown lines that form between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, and any other wrinkles that fall into the dynamic wrinkle category.

During your consultation, we will be able to closely examine your wrinkles in person and determine if this treatment can help you reach all of your goals.

How Does It Work?

The main ingredient responsible for Xeomin’s effectiveness is botulinum toxin type A, a purified protein that comes from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This injectable is safely manufactured in such a way that any extra proteins are removed, making it a pure product. It is a neuromodulator that affects the nerve signals so that they can’t send messages to the facial muscles.

As a result, muscles relax and you’re left with smooth, softer-looking skin. Your wrinkles will continue to fade in the weeks following your initial treatment as your skin gets the chance to rest. Frown lines will soften, forehead lines will fade, and crow’s feet will be far less noticeable than they were pre-treatment.

All About Your Treatment

How Do I Prepare for My Treatment?

Some cosmetic treatments require that you follow a lengthy list of do’s and don’ts to prepare for your appointment. One of the benefits of Xeomin is that there isn’t such a list. There are only a few directives that you need to follow to ensure that your skin is ready for treatment and that you get the best results. Pre-treatment you should:

  • Avoid alcohol at least 24 hours before your appointment
  • Avoid blood-thinning supplements and over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and aspirin


How Long Do Appointments Take?

The benefit of this particular injectable is that it is minimally invasive. It qualifies as a lunch break injectable because you can schedule your treatment during your lunch break if necessary. Appointments only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

What Happens During the Injection Process?

During your appointment, we’ll start by cleaning your skin to prepare the injection sites. We will also apply a topical numbing cream to those injection sites to ensure that you have the best experience possible during your treatment.

Then, we’ll administer the injectable into the muscles surrounding your problem areas with an ultra-fine needle. The entire process will be quick and you’ll be done within 10 to 20 minutes and on your way to wrinkle-free skin.

Is There Any Downtime?

When you choose this particular treatment, you won’t have to plan for any downtime. This is a minimally invasive treatment and you won’t have to worry about recovery. You can return to your normal daily activities after your treatment.

You won’t have to worry about scarring or incisions. We perform each treatment in the comfort of our office. Our injectors are fully-trained and ready to treat your problem areas so that you get the best results possible.

Xeomin FAQ’s

How Long Do Results Last?

Typically, results last up to four months. The total length of your results depends on multiple factors, including how often you undergo treatment and how much product is injected during your treatment. Xeomin is a temporary solution to dynamic wrinkles.

Your body will eventually metabolize the ingredients in this product and your wrinkles will return, but you can maintain your results by scheduling consistent touch-up appointments.

Can I Extend My Results?

The total length of your results depends on your body, so while you can’t make your results last any longer than it takes for your body to metabolize them, you can improve your results by taking good care of your skin.

Using a high-quality skincare line and avoiding excess sun exposure will help your results look that much better because your skin will glow. The best way to maintain your anti-aging results is to schedule follow-up treatments as soon as you notice that your wrinkles are beginning to return.

When Should I Schedule Touch-Up Treatments?

During your initial consultation, we’ll develop a customized treatment plan, inclusive of the number of treatments you will need to get the best results. If you’re a perfectionist, you’ll most likely want to schedule your touch-up treatments as soon as you notice a change in your appearance as the product wears off.

Other people aren’t as concerned about the gradual return of their wrinkles and will wait a little longer to schedule touch-up treatments. Our staff can pre-schedule your maintenance appointments so that all you need to do is show up. We’ll take care of the rest.

Is It Safe?

This cosmetic injectable is FDA-approved to treat dynamic wrinkles and has been successfully doing so since 2011. It has gone through multiple clinical studies that have proven its efficacy and safety. Those who have turned to this product to smooth their dynamic wrinkles have seen a drastic improvement in those wrinkles just 30 days after their initial treatment. Not only is it safe, but it works.

Is It Just for Women?

This injectable is an effective, wrinkle-smoothing option for both men and women. While women make up the majority when it comes to using cosmetic injectables to smooth their skin, men use this injectable as well and have been able to increase their confidence by smoothing the lines that can make them feel less attractive and aged.

Both men and women can benefit from this treatment, feel more attractive, and temporarily regain that youthful appearance.

Am I a Candidate?

Many people have used this product and continue to turn to it every few months as a way to maintain a youthful-looking appearance. It has helped thousands of people regain their confidence by treating their wrinkles. If you have moderate to severe dynamic wrinkles, you are most likely a candidate who will benefit from this treatment. During your consultation, we’ll confirm if it’s the right choice for you.

Who Isn’t a Candidate?

Some people shouldn’t use this treatment. If you have an active skin infection at or near the injection site, you will need to wait until it heals to be eligible for treatment. Additionally, if you have any allergies to the ingredients in this product or have had an adverse reaction after using any other similar neuromodulators on the beauty market, this injectable will not be a safe option for you.

If you still aren’t sure whether you are a candidate for this treatment, you can still schedule a consultation and one of our experts will be able to help determine if this injectable is right for you.

Begin Your Anti-Aging Routine Today

If you’re ready to trade in your dynamic wrinkles for smooth, youthful-looking skin, we can help. Contact us today at Radiant Divine Medical Spa in Avon, OH, and schedule your initial consultation with one of our experts to find out more about Xeomin and how it can change your appearance for the better.