How Can Cellfina Help You?

There have been a lot of technological advancements made in both preventative and corrective skincare such as effective treatments for acne scarring, dermal fillers and BOTOX®. Despite all of the advances, very little progress has been made for the treatment of cellulite. Nearly every woman in the world has cellulite to some degree. According to the latest estimate, a minimum of 85 percent of all women over 21 are fighting cellulite to a certain extent. The cause of cellulite is the bands responsible for the tightening of the skin in certain areas. This results in a dimpled appearance. The most common areas for cellulite to appear are the buttocks and the upper thighs. If you have cellulite that makes you feel self-conscious about your body, the solution may be a new treatment called Cellfina®.

Dimples on the skin in the buttocks and thighs are referred to as cellulite. Despite there being a name for this issue, the condition itself has always been a bit of a mystery. This may be the reason the majority of the creams and treatments out there have been mostly ineffective for improving the appearance of the skin. Until recently, the result was major disappointment with the available procedures. Cellfina® is an effective treatment that will not leave you disappointed. The best candidates for this treatment are:

• In fairly good health and have had a thorough medical screening.

• Not allergic to specific medications or anesthesia.

• Not using any over-the-counter medications or prescriptions that could potentially cause a negative reaction to the procedure.

• Willing to undergo a consultation with a medical professional and have reasonable expectations.

• Nonsmokers.

Cellfina® has received approval from the FDA, is minimally-invasive and is performed in the comfort of our office. Suction is first applied to each cellulite dimple. A motorized device then targets the cords of fibrous tissue responsible for the formulation of the cellulite dimples. Only local anesthesia is used during your procedure because the treatment is minimally-invasive. The concept behind the procedure is called subcision. This is what is used for the treatment of depressed acne scarring. The reason the treatment is effective is because your skin is lifted by the vacuum suction, enabling your cellulite to be easily targeted with the motorized device. Once these cords have been released, the dimples will simply vanish.

Prior to Cellfina®, there was not a truly effective and reliable treatment for cellulite available on the market. The results achieved using lasers, massages and numerous techniques and devices were minimal and temporary at best. To be a good candidate for this treatment, you need to have real cellulite. This is actual indentations or dimples in your skin. This procedure is not effective for skin laxity, stretch marks, dimples or extremely loose skin resulting from liposuction. If you have skin laxity due to age or are currently taking blood thinners, you are not eligible for this treatment. You should start to see some results just days after your procedure. Your best results will occur weeks and perhaps even months later. Your results are intended to last for quite a while before follow-up treatments become necessary.

According to the clinical data of doctors, individuals experiencing the treatment saw results lasting in excess of two to three years. As time goes by, cellulite can form in the areas that were never treated. There is clinical proof that this procedure does address the cause of cellulite. This is the reason it was cleared by the FDA. The dimpling effect of cellulite is caused by the tightness of the bands of tissue, resulting in tension. Once these bands are released, your skin bounces back to the smooth and original texture. Many individuals have started to notice their results in only days after the session. The treatment is minimally-invasive, general anesthesia is not used, it is performed in the office and it usually provides extremely good results, although results do vary from patient to patient. Only a licensed and qualified professional can perform this procedure.

The Facts About Cellfina®

The procedure is generally completed in just 45 minutes. You will experience little to no downtime once your treatment is over. Most of the people who have had a Cellfina® treatment were able to resume their normal activities in just days. When you come in for your treatment, the areas being targeted are marked. Photographs may be taken to demonstrate the difference after your final results appear. The areas marked are numbed for your comfort before your procedure begins. The entire process is designed to be easy and uncomplicated. If your cellulite dimples are fairly isolated to only a few areas, the procedure may eliminate all of them. If you have more significant cellulite, the procedure is still effective, but all of your cellulite may not be eliminated. You will most likely still notice a dramatic improvement.

Understanding this treatment and what it can and cannot do makes a significant difference when it comes to having realistic expectations. The way to proceed is to arrange for a consultation to make certain you are a good candidate for the treatment. If there is no cellulite on your body, there is no reason to have this procedure. This procedure was not created for the elimination of fat. If your concern is fat that is resistant to diet and exercise on your chin, abdomen or thighs, there are procedures specifically designed for this issue. If you have wavy skin opposed to actual dimples, you are not going to be a good candidate. This treatment is only effective and approved for cellulite dimples. You will most likely not be a good candidate if:

• Your general physical condition is poor
• You are currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant
• You are allergic to either lidocaine or epinephrine
• You have a significant infection or an infection close to the targeted area
• You have a vein-related condition or a lot of varicose veins
• You are excessively overweight or obese
• You have diabetes

The procedure will provide you with numerous benefits, including:

• You will begin to see improvements in the days after your treatment. As the weeks go by, your results will continue to improve. You will most likely enjoy an increase in self-confidence, feel comfortable in shorts and enjoy being out in public much more.

• Your results may last for as long as two or three years depending on the situation. This makes multiple maintenance sessions unnecessary in a lot of cases. The treatment offers you a body with a decrease or complete elimination of cellulite.

• Any downtime you may experience will be extremely limited because the treatment is minimally-invasive. You will not have to try to find a way to miss work for several weeks or months like with cosmetic surgery. If you are leading a busy life, this may be the best benefit of them all.

• The satisfaction rate for this treatment is extremely high. According to the clinical trials, 96 percent of all individuals were still happy with their treatment two years later. Only three months after experiencing this procedure, 85 percent of all individuals stated they were satisfied. After twelve months, this number increased to 94 percent. Two years later, the number again increased to 96 percent. Even after three full years, patient satisfaction was still at 93 percent. No other leading treatment for cellulite has ever reach a satisfaction rate this high for anywhere near as long a period of time. This means Cellfina® is the most effective and popular treatment for cellulite currently available.

• In August of 2015, this treatment received FDA approval. The minimally-invasive procedure breaks up the bands of fibrous fat using specialized techniques. This is effective in numerous areas such as the buttocks, abdomen and thighs. The appearance of lumps and dimpling linked to cellulite are decreased or eliminated.

• The procedure is effective because the treatment addresses the main cause of cellulite. This provides the targeted areas with a healthy and smooth appearance. Most individuals stated they felt attractive again and experienced a rise in self-confidence. This enabled them to wear clothing that made them uncomfortable in the past.

• The affordability of the procedure makes this an excellent option if you are not willing to pay an exorbitant amount to treat your cellulite issues. A circle is used to ensure every dimple has been marked prior to numbing the area. The handheld device uses suction to grab onto your skin. The connective bands are then targeted with precision. The result is a tighter appearance with most dimples eliminated.

• This treatment is the best option for the treatment of cellulite currently available.

Learn More Information During a Consultation

If you want to find out if the Cellfina® treatment is a good option for you, please schedule your personal consultation at Radiant Divine Medical Spa, located in Avon, Brecksville and Medina. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started. We look forward to hearing from you!