Get Long-Lasting Results with Cellfina

If you’re like most women, you may have certain areas of your body that show dimpled cellulite. This isn’t always due to weight gain, so there is almost no way to avoid the orange-peel look on the skin. It’s time to say goodbye to cellulite with safe, non-surgical Cellfina®.

What Is Cellfina®?

Cellfina® is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatment that targets the root cause of cellulite to remove it. This treatment can rid you of frustrating cellulite:

  • Without surgery or liposuction.
  • In one simple, in-office procedure.
  • With long-lasting results.

 What Can Cellfina® Do for You?

Almost 90% of women complain about cellulite. It seems to appear out of nowhere. It’s impossible to remove. Even slender women and women who work out regularly complain about dimpled skin on their thighs and butt. You can diet, exercise and eat healthy, but no matter how much you work at it, nothing will make that cellulite budge. 

Cellulite Is Frustrating 

You’ve probably tried everything. You may even have had liposuction or surgery, only to discover that even surgery didn’t make the dimples disappear. What’s next? Cellfina® is the answer. Finally, you can say get rid of cellulite with a quick, non-surgical treatment that offers permanent cellulite removal results.

The Benefits 

  • It works in one in-office procedure.
  • The treatment takes about 45 minutes.
  • It produces quick results.
  • It completely removes cellulite.
  • The results of Cellfina® are often permanent.
  • The recovery is quick, and there’s no downtime.

Say Goodbye to Cellulite

In your fight against cellulite, you have probably tried countless other treatments. How do these treatments compare to Cellfina®?

Diet and Exercise

Losing weight can reduce the amount of fat that’s on your thighs, buttocks and stomach. This can make the cellulite look somewhat better, but it’s not enough to completely smooth out your skin. 

You can also exercise until your body is firm and toned, but as was mentioned earlier, cellulite isn’t due to weight gain. You may lose weight on a diet and exercise routine, but the cellulite won’t go away.

Massage Treatments

Many women use massage treatments to try to beat cellulite. These treatments range from salon procedures to in-home shower kits. 

Typically, massage treatments for cellulite involve a special skin scrub, dedicated soaps and specialty lotions. These all aim to break up the lumps of fat and create a smooth surface.

Massage treatments can provide a slight, temporary tightening of the areas. This can help you look a little better in a short skirt or a bathing suit, but it’s not a permanent or dramatic solution.

Body Wraps

Body wraps claim to clean impurities, tighten skin and remove toxins. They are a relaxing way to nourish and improve your skin. They can’t do anything for cellulite, however. Like massages, body wraps can offer slight, temporary toning. They don’t permanently remove cellulite.

Cosmetic Surgery

It seems hard to believe, but even cosmetic surgery can’t fix cellulite. Liposuction and body-shaping surgery can remove fat and reshape your body, but your new shape will continue to be spotted with cellulite. 

Topical Creams

There are many topical creams that claim to reduce the look of cellulite. If you have tried them, you already know that they don’t work. There is no topical treatment that can remove cellulite.

Tanning and Self-Tanners

Getting a tan can help hide the look of cellulite, but it doesn’t get rid of it. We all know about the dangers of tanning on your skin. Self-tanning is safer, but it’s not convenient to use this method of cellulite camouflage year-round. 

Cellfina® Is the Proven Solution

Cellfina® is the only treatment that removes cellulite. It is the only treatment that addresses the root cause of dimpled skin. It is quick and efficient, and the downtime is minimal or nonexistent. 

How Does the Treatment Work?

To understand how the treatment works, you must first understand how cellulite forms. Some people think that the words “cellulite” and “fat” are interchangeable, but that’s not quite true. 

When fat forms on your body, it can sometimes form around bands of connective tissue fibers. These fibers crisscross the lower levels of your skin. They sit just beneath the surface. When the fat pokes out between these connective bands, it forms the bumpy shapes and hollowed areas that we call cellulite.

Beneath the Surface 

Cellulite sits beneath the skin’s surface. That means there is no way to reach it with topical treatments, massages or anything else that stays on the surface.

This is also the reason why exercise and weight loss don’t erase cellulite. Exercise can keep the skin around your cellulite firm. Weight loss can reduce the amount of fat that pokes through. Together, they can help diminish the look of cellulite, but they can’t remove it.

Cellfina® Breaks the Bonds

The only way to remove cellulite is to break the connective skin tissues. This releases the fat and allows it to return to a normal, smooth shape. Cellfina® does that. Using Cellfina®, a member of our team releases the connective tissue that creates the cellulite lumps. Cellfina® breaks up the cellulite to reveal smooth skin and a normal appearance.

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

This non-surgical option is an excellent choice if you:

  • Are at or near your normal weight.
  • Have cellulite on your buttocks and thighs.
  • Are in good health.
  • Have most of your cellulite on your thighs and buttocks.
  • Want a proven, long-lasting solution for cellulite.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Below is what you can expect from your in-office procedure. You can also contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Start with a Consultation

Every cosmetic procedure should begin with a consultation with our team. Use this consultation to ask any questions you have about the procedure. This is also the time to discuss:

  • Additional treatments you want to include.
  • Questions about aftercare.
  • Your goals post-treatment.

During Your Treatment

Most women report that the Cellfina® procedure is painless. Before the treatment, our doctor applies anesthetic to numb the treated area. Once you’re numb, our doctor uses a tiny, special blade to cut into the top layer of skin and release the connective tissues. Doing this releases the fat that’s trapped between the tissue fibers.

Be sure to follow our doctor’s recommendations for aftercare. The downtime after the procedure is usually due to temporary soreness, as well as bruising. These side effects may go away in a few days, but the bruising can last a few weeks or more. 

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

Due to the nature of the procedure, our patients only need one treatment.  

When Will You See Your Results?

Most women report seeing results within a week of their treatment. The typical time is three days.

After your treatment, you may experience slight soreness or bruising for a few days. Most women say this is minor, and many say they went back to their regular activities in just a few days.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The company that makes Cellfina® guarantees that your results will last one year. In clinical studies, women found that their results tended to last longer than that. Typically, they experienced smooth, cellulite-free skin for three years.

Can You Combine Cellfina® with Other Procedures?

Adding another procedure can enhance your Cellfina® results and totally reshape your body. Our plastic surgeon can advise you on the best treatment plan for your body and your goals.


Some women choose to have liposuction before they get Cellfina®. They want to remove as much fat as possible before tackling the cellulite. Ask our doctor if you should get liposuction before or after Cellfina®.

Non-Surgical Fat Loss

There are several non-surgical, non-invasive body-shaping treatments available. If you want to firm and tone your body without surgery or liposuction, these treatments are an excellent option. Getting your body reshaped will make your Cellfina® results stand out.

Skin Tightening Treatments

You can find non-surgical options to tighten your skin. These treatments are primarily designed for people who have lost weight and have some loose skin. 

Some women feel that having tighter skin overall helps enhance their Cellfina® results. If you’re interested in adding a tightening treatment, talk to our educated staff about the best one for your needs.

Cellfina® Is the Only Long-Term Solution for Cellulite 

Cellfina® is a breakthrough treatment for a problem that women have been fighting for a long time. 

This treatment has received numerous industry and consumer awards. These acknowledge the fact that only Cellfina® can give you real results. These awards include:

  • 2016 RealSelf “Most Worth It” award.
  • 2018 Aesthetic Industry award.
  • 2019 New Beauty award.
  • Special features in Oprah, Byrdie, New Beauty and Women’s Health magazines.

Are You Ready for Cellfina®?

If you’re ready to rid yourself of cellulite, join the millions of satisfied Cellfina® clients. If you would like to learn more, the team at Radiant Divine Medical Spa would be more than happy to answer your questions. We are conveniently located in Avon, Brecksville, and Medina, OH. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!