Discover the Non-Invasive Lift with Ultherapy

Once an individual reaches their thirties or forties, they begin to notice a difference in their skin. This is because the aging process leads to a loss of both collagen and elastin. This is what causes both loose and sagging skin. As time passes, the chin can start to look weak, the eyelids and eyebrows begin to droop, cheeks often appear hollow and there is a looseness to the jawline. Unfortunately, gravity and time are not kind. A lot of individuals do not try to improve their appearance for numerous reasons. This can be because the individual does not want to have surgery, suffer through a long and uncomfortable recovery process and wait for incisions to heal. The ideal solution may be Ultherapy®.

Ultherapy® is not an invasive treatment and does not require surgery. Your skin is tightened and lifted through ultrasound technology. Non-invasive means there are no needles, incisions, general anesthesia or surgery involved with the treatment. This is the only procedure approved by the FDA for a dramatic lift to your skin with nothing invasive involved. Ultrasound energy is capable of penetrating the tissue deep beneath your skin. This stimulates your natural connective proteins to effectively increase your production. This process ensures your results will be natural because the regenerative process is naturally provided by your skin. The difference is the treatment enhances the process. The result is tighter skin with a noticeable lift.

Ultherapy® is different than the other procedures such as injectables and lasers. This is because the surface of your skin is not touched. The ultrasound energy goes deeply into your skin at the right temperature and depth. This is basically a safe simulation of the way your skin heals naturally. This treatment is strictly an ultrasound procedure. This is important because the ultrasound imaging is used by the professional to view your tissue layers receiving treatment. This enables them to find the perfect location to focus the energy. This results in the best results possible. After one session, the technology will lift and smooth your skin. In just months, the aging on your face, decollete and chest will be effectively counteracted. The treatment is effective to provide you with excellent results in a minimal space of time.

You do not need to have your entire neck or face treated. You can choose the area you want to have treated such as the chin or hollowed or sunken cheeks. You may also decide you do want your entire face treated. The choice is yours. Most individuals achieve their desired results with only one treatment. Many people decide to have a maintenance treatment as time passes because the skin will continue to age. The best way to determine if this is the right option for your needs is to schedule an appointment with a professional for a consultation. This is your opportunity to discuss the areas of your skin that have been impacted by the aging process. You can ask about your expected results and have your questions answered by a professional. To make certain your treatment is successful, you must be honest with the professional.

Everyone has different issues with their skin. This being said, the professional will tell you if you are a good candidate for this treatment during your consultation. If you decide to move forward, there are no preparations necessary because Ultherapy® is a non-invasive procedure. On the day of your treatment, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed in all of the areas being treated. All of these areas will be identified and marked. The next step is the application of the ultrasound gel on your skin. The professional will then use ultrasound imaging to locate the right location and depth to focus the ultrasound energy. This is when your treatment will actually begin. The entire process takes place in the comfort of our office. The areas you are having treated and their size will determine the time necessary to complete the process.

Once your session has been completed, you will not have any downtime. You can return to the office, have lunch with your friends or take care of any errands. Your life will not be placed on hold while you spend days or weeks recovering from surgery because the treatment is non-invasive. Within just days of your treatment, you may start to notice a new lift to your skin. All you need to do is be patient for the following weeks to see obvious results. After multiple weeks or months, your skin will appear more youthful and rejuvenated. Do not be surprised if you start receiving a lot of positive comments on the way you look. This is because your skin will appear more lifted and tighter. The effect is similar to turning the clock back to obtain more beautiful skin.

The Many Benefits of Ultherapy®

The benefits of Ultherapy® are not the same as having a facelift. The bonus is you can achieve smoother, tighter and more lifted skin with this procedure. This is an excellent option that is effective, non-invasive, non-surgical and safe. Your body’s collagen regeneration is triggered because the ultrasound energy is directed beneath your skin at the ideal depth and temperature. You do not have to depend on fillers or other injectables to achieve the results you desire. This treatment will provide you with noticeable results by enhancing the natural process of your body. Your treatment is outpatient, simple and enables you to live your life the way you choose right after your treatment. There is absolutely no aftercare necessary following your quick and simple procedure. This amazing treatment comes with so many benefits including:

• One of the most appreciated benefits of this treatment is the professional will customize the procedure for your individual wants and needs. A good example is the ultrasound equipment used for the Ultherapy® treatment. This will be adjusted to ensure the energy is directed to the right depth for your body. The length of the treatment can also be customized. You can even have other treatments performed at the same time to further enhance your results. During your consultation, the professional will explain the other treatments available to help ensure you achieve your optimal results. You do not have to have any other procedures done if you don’t want to. The choice is yours.

• For an extremely long time, cosmetic surgery was the only option for improving sagging facial skin. Several incisions were made by the surgeon to tighten and lift sagging and loose facial skin. There are reasons numerous individuals did not want to have a facelift. This included a long recovery, an expensive procedure and the possibility of scarring. Not only is this treatment non-invasive, but it has also received approval from the FDA for tightening loose skin effectively. This eliminated any concerns about blood or cutting the skin. There are no incisions that may require months to heal completely. You will not have to be concerned about scarring because there are no incisions with this procedure. The risks associated with general anesthesia during surgery and the potential complications have also been eliminated.

• Unfortunately, a facelift can go drastically wrong. One of the biggest risks is the appearance of having encountered a wind tunnel. Unlike a facelift, the results from this non-surgical treatment are subtle, gradual and completely natural. As time goes by, your skin will start to tighten slowly and naturally. Nobody will know you have had this treatment unless you want to tell them. There will be no scarring to give away your little secret.

• The procedure is fast for several different reasons. You will not need to spend much time in the office. You will also not disappear for an extended period of time because there is no downtime. If you are like most individuals, you have a busy schedule. Most people are unable to afford to take enough time off work to have surgery. This is an ideal option because you will not have to miss days or even weeks at work. Right after your procedure, you can simply resume your life and your responsibilities. There is nothing to stop you from doing whatever you please.

• Another benefit is your treatment enables you to see some immediate results. You should notice a subtle difference in your skin as soon as you have completed your treatment. Your results will continue to improve as more collagen is produced by your body.

Talk to a Professional to Learn More

There are so many benefits that you stand to gain from this procedure. You will enjoy no downtime, turning back the clock a little on your skin and avoiding surgery. You can even have another procedure at the same time for enhanced results. To arrange your personal Ultherapy® consultation, get in touch with us at Radiant Divine Medical Spa. For your convenience, we have offices located in Medina, Brecksville and Avon. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started. We look forward to hearing from you!