Can You Get Laser Hair Removal On Your Face?

Woman looking in a mirror at her face thinking can you get laser hair removal on your face

There’s nothing wrong with a little ‘stache, but if you prefer a smooth canvas for your skincare products, you’re probably tired of the daily de-fuzzing dance. Wondering whether you can get laser hair removal on your face? Thanks to today’s gentler lasers and our highly trained providers, we safely treat unwanted hair anywhere on the face!

Radiant Divine Medical Spa is an established Cleveland-area destination for laser hair removal and other aesthetic procedures, as well as medical-grade skincare products and more. We take a customized approach to each client, using a one hour consultation to understand your concerns and goals. 

Does laser hair removal on the face hurt?

Traditional laser hair removal has a reputation for taking a long time and being fairly painful. It was often described as feeling like a rubber band snapping deeper in the skin, with a lingering stinging sensation at the skin surface. 

Because of this, whether or not you could get laser hair removal on your face depended at least partially on your tolerance for discomfort. 

That’s not the case anymore! When you choose Radiant Divine for laser hair reduction, you benefit from our advanced options that achieve incredible results with fewer, less painful treatments. 

Venus Velocity diode laser hair removal

Velocity is a new, less painful machine that also takes fewer treatments. Safe for treatment anywhere on the face and body, this procedure uses laser energy as well as radiofrequency (RF) energy for maximum effectiveness. Our laser experts can adjust the joules to ensure the most effective and comfortable treatment for each unique patient.

IPL hair reduction

Intense pulsed light (IPL) pulses light selected from a broad-spectrum into the skin for photorejuvenation and more. The light turns into therapeutic heat that can improve skin and has the power to reduce unwanted hair over the face and body.

Ready to get your Radiant on?

Can you get laser hair removal on your face? Yep! Radiant Divine Medical Spa never loses sight of what matters: happy clients who feel taken care of and love their look. We keep things comfortable and welcoming for everyone who walks through our doors. 

Because honestly, keeping things fun creates a better experience for everyone! We’re all friends here; we know great results come when you feel absolutely at ease throughout the entire process. Let’s get the conversation started! Request an appointment or check out our neat virtual consultation

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We’re here to serve you! You can find us at any one of our accessible med spas near Cleveland. The best part? The Radiant Divine team is the Radiant Divine team. We don’t consider ourselves as separate based on our locations. So, if it’s easier for you to take an appointment in Brecksville one day and more convenient to hit up Chagrin Falls the next it’s no problem at all! 

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