Bye-Bye Wrinkles: Botox In Cleveland

Humans are living longer than ever but our skin hasn’t gotten the evolutionary memo yet. Everybody gets wrinkles eventually and some people want to get rid of them when they show up prematurely. The reason Botox has been the biggest name in anti-aging for decades: it works

Botox is a leading non-surgical solution for smoothing away wrinkles with immediate, effective results. As a top medical spa, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t offer Botox in Cleveland at Radiant Divine Medical Spa. Plus, our team is led by one of the top 1% of injectors in the country

Are you a candidate for Botox in Cleveland?

Do you have wrinkles that you’d like to get rid of? Then you’re probably a candidate for Botox! It’s been proven effective across age groups and for all skin tones.

Through strategically placed injections, Botox addresses wrinkles in these areas:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Glabellar (frown) lines between brows
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Lip lines
  • Nasal “bunny” lines
  • Wrinkled chin
  • Downward-turned mouth corners

In some cases, if your wrinkles are due to skin laxity or loss of volume, facial fillers might be a better solution for you. We can even combine Botox and fillers to provide comprehensive rejuvenation.

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What happens when you book Botox in Cleveland with Radiant Divine?

People from all over the Cleveland area visit us at Radiant Divine because of our dedication to the art of aesthetic treatments.

Finding success with cosmetic injectables like Botox relies on the skill and expertise of your injector. 


While the injections themselves are quick and easy, we still start with an in-depth consultation for every patient who visits us for Botox in Cleveland.

The conversation gives us the opportunity to put you first and make sure we bring your exact aesthetic vision to life. We’ll ask about your medical history, any other aesthetic treatment you’ve used, and what your goals are for treatment. 

Then, we’ll examine your skin and have you make some differing facial expressions. It may feel silly, but it’s so we can understand your unique facial anatomy and know just where to place your injections.

At the end of your consultation, you’ll have a curated, individualized treatment plan. We’ll recommend injection placements and tell you how much we need to inject to achieve your desired results. Depending on your goals, we may recommend one of our alternative neuromodulators, too!


We can usually consult and treat with Botox on the same day at any of our convenient locations across Cleveland.

At Radiant Divine, everyone on our highly trained staff is a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner with medical expertise to provide stunning results. 

Botox injections take under 30 minutes to complete. This includes the time it takes to prep your skin and map out where we’re placing your injections.

Of course, if you’re combining your Botox treatment with facial fillers in Cleveland, your appointment may take a little longer (but not much)!


One of the best benefits of Botox is that the results show in just a few days! You may have a little redness at the injection site, but that disappears quickly. 

There’s no required downtime or recovery associated with Botox injections. You can pop in for your injections and then go about the rest of your day.

It will take about 3 days for you to start noticing your results and they’ll finalize in about a week. Then you’ll be able to enjoy the results for 3 to 4 months before you can come in for your next set of injections.

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How does Botox work?

Short answer: We inject Botox beneath your skin to relax your facial muscles and prevent them from causing wrinkles.

Long answer: The technical, scientific name for Botox is “neuromodulator.” It’s made from a chemical called “botulinum toxin,” which is a protein that prevents the release of the neurotransmitters that make your muscles move.

Don’t worry if that seems complicated, it’s not! With an expert injector, you won’t look frozen, you’ll look refreshed and other people won’t be able to put their finger on why.

2 quick tips for getting the most out of your Botox injections

Our patients always ask us about the best ways to maintain their results after getting Botox in Cleveland. Two of the best things you can do are stay on top of your maintenance treatments and invest in your skincare routine.

Maintenance treatments

Botox is a temporary solution for wrinkles, but it’s effective in the long term if you get your maintenance treatments regularly. It’s important to come in for your next set of injections as soon as you see your wrinkles start to return. 

If you allow your wrinkles to fully return before scheduling your appointment, that’s time your skin has to deepen those wrinkles. That could mean that you’ll need more Botox than last time to achieve the same results.

Medical-grade skin care

Medical-grade skin care products are prescription-strength and clinically proven to address a wide array of skin concerns. The catch is that you can only get these products at certified medical offices.

Botox addresses the muscles that are causing your wrinkles but doesn’t otherwise affect the appearance of the surface of the skin. Keeping your skin happy and healthy with a regular routine with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol, and hydrating serums protects your skin from premature aging.

Are there alternatives to Botox in Cleveland?

While Botox was the first neuromodulator to hit the market with FDA approval, there are a few new kids on the block that are just as effective.

In our continuing effort to provide our patients with the best options in aesthetics, we offer these Botox alternatives in our Cleveland offices! Each is made with the same type of botulinum toxin as Botox, with some notable variations.

With a highly trained injector, you can expect a truly customized treatment plan with the ideal formula for your needs.


Another popular choice in neuromodulators, Dysport is formulated from a slightly different botulinum toxin. Botox is “A” and Dysport is “B” but they function in the same way. One key difference is that Dysport spreads a bit more easily than Botox, which makes it ideal for treating larger surface areas like the forehead.


Nicknamed “Newtox” when it first became available, Jeuveau is a rejuvenating formula specifically aimed at minimizing wrinkles around the eyes. 

This formula is crafted through Hi-Pure technology, which may contribute to results appearing faster for patients who use Jeuveau. Anecdotally, some patients also feel their results last longer with Jeuveau than with Botox.


Daxxify is the newest neuromodulator to receive FDA-approval and has been a godsend for a lot of long-time Botox users. This is because Daxxify results can last almost 3 times as long as any other neuromodulators—9 months to a year in some cases!

Another added benefit is Daxxify is formulated using “polynucleotide” or PN, which stimulates your body’s natural collagen production and improves your skin over time.

Frequently asked questions

Can you combine Botox with other treatments?

Yes! Botox can be combined with other aesthetic treatments as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. We frequently pair Botox with facial fillers and other facial treatments to provide even better results for patients looking to fight signs of aging.

Which neuromodulator is right for me?

This really depends on your specific goals. The best way to figure out which neuromodulator is right for you is to schedule a consultation with a trained injector.

How bad do my wrinkles have to be to get Botox?

We have some great news for you—you don’t have to wait to get Botox in Cleveland! People often wait until their 40s to get Botox, but that’s mainly because this is about the time they notice their wrinkles getting worse. 

When treating fine lines and wrinkles, the sooner you get treatment, the better your results will look and the more likely you are to prevent your wrinkles from deepening. 

A lot of people think of Botox and other neuromodulators only as rejuvenating treatments. And don’t get us wrong, they’re fantastic for rejuvenating your skin. But did you know you can use neuromodulators for “prejuvenation,” too? 

When used before your fine lines develop into wrinkles, Botox can serve as a kind of pause button.

How many injections will I get in one treatment session?

How many injections you’ll need will largely depend on your specific needs and goals. Getting Botox in Cleveland is a highly personalized experience. The number of injections will also depend on which muscles and which areas will be targeted for treatment. 

Crow’s feet usually need 3 injections into the muscles around each eye, and forehead and frown line wrinkles need about 5. 

Is Botox used for anything else besides wrinkles?

While Botox is best known as a cosmetic injectable, it’s also sometimes used for non-cosmetic purposes. According to the Mayo Clinic, Botox can be used medically to treat migraines, muscle spasms, excess sweating, lazy eye, and bladder problems. 

Given Botox’s muscle-relaxing abilities, it can also be used to treat conditions like bruxism, a condition where people involuntarily clench the muscles in their jaw and/or grind their teeth. 

What are the side effects of Botox?

Botox is unlikely to cause any major side effects when used correctly by certified injectors. When used incorrectly by uncertified injectors, Botox can potentially cause:

  • Swelling, bruising, pain, or even an infection at the site of your Botox injection
  • Headaches
  • Drooping skin
  • Flu-like symptoms 

The best way to protect yourself from the potential side effects of Botox is to only get Botox in Cleveland from certified injectors you can trust. All our injectors at Radiant Divine are fully certified medical professionals, led by one of the top 1% of injectors in the country. 

Are there multiple different kinds of Botox?

There are several different brands of neuromodulators, but there is only one Botox. Botox Cosmetic is the proprietary name of the world’s most famous wrinkle relaxer made by Allergan.

Some people use Botox as a catch-all term for all neuromodulators, including Botox Cosmetic, Jeuveau, Dysport, and Daxxify. But they’re not all the same. This is kind of like calling all sodas Coke. 

You might also hear people refer to crow’s feet Botox, bunny line Botox, or masseter Botox. These treatments don’t use different kinds of Botox but, rather, the same Botox Cosmetic for different treatment areas. 

Will my Botox results look unnatural?

One of the biggest benefits of coming to Radiant Divine Medical Spa for Botox in Cleveland is that you can feel confident about how your results will turn out. When used correctly by skilled and certified injectors, Botox injections deliver natural-looking results that bring out the best in your facial features and skin. 

Our expert injectors are led by one of the top 1% of injectors in the country. When you get Botox injections at one of our Radiant Divine locations, we’ll make sure your facial expressions never look unnatural, frozen, or stiff.

Why can it take days to see Botox results?

Some patients see noticeable results immediately after or soon after getting Botox in Cleveland, but it can often take weeks to see your full results develop. Why is that? Well, there can be a number of factors affecting how long it takes for your results to show up.

One factor influencing the time it takes to notice your results is severity (i.e. how deep the wrinkles are). In general, Botox tends to work faster on fine lines than on deeper wrinkles. The deeper the wrinkles, the more Botox treatments you may need to see improvement. 

Fine lines around the eyes, nose, and mouth smooth out faster than, say, deep forehead wrinkles. It’s not necessarily where they are on your face that makes the difference but, rather, how deep they are, the size of the treatment area, how much Botox is injected to treat it, and how many treatment sessions are needed. 

But that’s only part of the answer. To fully understand why it can take time for your Botox results to show up, you have to dive a little deeper into the science. 

By now, you probably understand that when you get Botox in Cleveland, the appearance of your wrinkles improves as a result of your muscles relaxing. Botox relaxes muscles by binding to the connecting point between muscle and nerve and blocking the chemical signals telling the muscle to contract.

This chemical signaler is a protein called acetylcholine. Botox can start blocking acetylcholine pretty fast, but it can take your body a little while to process the acetylcholine that’s already circulating. 

Is Botox painful?

The vast majority of our patients at Radiant Divine Medical Spa do not report experiencing any significant pain or discomfort during or after getting Botox in Cleveland. Your Botox injection(s) will not require any anesthesia, and you won’t need any downtime either. 

That being said, some of our patients do choose to spend the rest of the day resting, especially if their job requires them to be physically active. To get the most out of Botox injections, we typically recommend avoiding strenuous activities for at least 3 hours after treatment. 

Does Botox tighten the skin?

Botox reduces signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, but it does not tighten your skin. If loose or sagging skin is your primary concern, you might be a better candidate for a different treatment.

At Radiant Divine, you’ve got a number of options to choose from when it comes to nonsurgical skin tightening. Our treatments include:

  • Ultherapy
  • RF Microneedling with Virtue RF
  • CoolPeel by Cartessa
  • Plasma IQ
  • AgeJet Plasma Rejuvenation

Is Botox backed by evidence?

Not only is Botox backed by evidence, it’s one of the most thoroughly studied cosmetic treatments available. More than 20 years’ worth of evidence has been compiled demonstrating the safety and efficacy of Botox. That comes out to more than 500 peer-reviewed studies appearing in reputable medical and scientific publications. 

Do Botox and fillers do the same thing?

Botox and dermal fillers are both cosmetic injectables, but they work in very different ways. They can both be used for treating fine lines and wrinkles, but dermal fillers do so by filling out the “hollow” spaces under certain areas of wrinkled skin, while Botox works by relaxing the muscles that push and pull your face into wrinkled expressions. 

Unlike Botox, the main benefit of fillers is the increase and restoration of volume. When combined with Botox, the two treatments are often called a liquid facelift thanks to their ability to smooth wrinkles and lift loose skin.

Dermal fillers also require a slightly different approach to aftercare than Botox. 

Are Botox injections only for women?

Definitely not! Men and women can (and do) benefit from Botox and other neuromodulators. Fine lines and wrinkles happen. For most people, that’s just a fact of life, and men are not exempt. 

Crow’s feet are one of the most common areas men get treated with Botox, but frown lines and forehead wrinkles aren’t far behind.

What will I need to do for aftercare?

First and foremost, it’s important to follow any and all instructions given to you by your injector at the time of treatment. Remember that the purpose of these aftercare instructions is to help you get the best possible results from your Botox treatment. Given the close similarities of most neuromodulators, the aftercare instructions are generally very similar, if not the same.  

Relax away your wrinkles with Botox in Cleveland!

At Radiant Divine Medical Spa, our approach to aesthetics involves dedication, integrity, and attention to detail. From the moment you walk in the door, you can trust us as your partner in achieving the look of your dreams.

The benefits of Botox are just a click and a consultation away!

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