Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

medical provider answers are hair transplants permanent

If you’re considering a hair transplant, you want to make sure you know exactly what to expect. A part of that means knowing whether or not you’re signing up for multiple treatments, downtime, and importantly whether or not your results will be permanent. So are hair transplants a one-and-done situation? 

Our experts weighed in on the permanency of hair transplants to put your mind at ease.  

When should you see hair transplant results?

The first step in knowing whether your results are permanent is to know whether it worked or not. Because of the way hair grows in phases, results of a hair transplant are progressive. Remember, when you choose Radiant Divine for a NeoGraft hair transplant near Cleveland, you leave with your real, natural hair ready to take root. 

So that real, natural hair takes a little time to grow. You’ll see results after a few months, but over the next year you’ll be amazed at how full, thick, and healthy your hair grows. Once that luscious mane of locks has grown, will it last?

How long does a hair transplant last?

The precise method of extraction we use for hair transplant surgery avoids damaging the hair follicles during the harvest phase. Therefore, when the follicles integrate into the recipient area of the transplant, they grow naturally for years, exactly like the rest of the healthy follicles in your scalp.

Ready to hang up your hats?

If you’re ready to invest in yourself with a NeoGraft hair transplant, you’re ready for Radiant Divine Medical Spa. We never lose sight of what matters: happy clients who feel taken care of and love their look. We keep things comfortable and welcoming for everyone who walks through our doors. 

Because honestly, keeping things fun creates a better experience for everyone! We’re all friends here; we know great results come when you feel absolutely at ease throughout the entire process. Let’s get the conversation started! Request an appointment or check out our neat virtual consultation

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