A Comprehensive Guide to Emtone Non-Invasive Cellulite Reduction

One of the most common aesthetic concerns that patients seek treatment for is cellulite. While there is a misconception that cellulite only affects older people or those with a certain body type, this is not true. Cellulite can occur at any age or weight, and it affects millions of people around the world. 

While cellulite is not usually painful or uncomfortable, many people consider it unsightly. This is what drives them to seek various treatments to improve or reduce the appearance of their cellulite. 

Over-the-counter products claim to resolve dimpling and ripples in the skin, but they often fail to produce results. Certain workouts aim to reduce cellulite, but they make a minimal difference.

Fortunately, there is an effective cellulite treatment that can help patients improve their skin. Radiant Divine Medical Spa in Chagrin Falls offers Emtone cellulite reduction, a non-invasive procedure that can lead to smoother, firmer skin. Read on to learn more about Emtone treatment.

Cellulite: What Is It and What Causes It?

Cellulite refers to the dimpled appearance of the skin typically found on the hips, buttocks, and backs of the legs. 

This dimpling is caused by subcutaneous fat deposits pressing into the skin and underlying connective tissue. This pressure causes the connective tissue to tighten and pull downwards on the skin, creating a dimpled, rippled appearance. 

While cellulite can be found on anyone, it most often occurs in women. The reason for this is unknown, as the underlying causes of cellulite are hard to determine for most patients. There is no correlation between age and weight when it comes to cellulite formation; cellulite can be found at any age and on patients of any size.

What Is Emtone?

Emtone is a non-invasive cellulite reduction treatment that uses mechanical and thermal energy to diminish the appearance of cellulite. The innovative Emtone device delivers intense heat deep into the tissues to target the underlying fatty deposits, tightening the area and creating a more firm appearance.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Emtone Cellulite Treatment?

Patients of any age, weight, or gender who want to diminish the appearance of cellulite can benefit from Emtone treatment. This method of cellulite reduction is non-invasive and non-surgical, making it a suitable option for most people. 

The best way to determine whether Emtone is right for you is by having a consultation with one of our providers. We can assess your problem areas and the severity of your cellulite to decide whether Emtone will help. If not, we can advise you on other options that may be better suited to meet your needs.

How Is Emtone Cellulite Reduction Performed?

Before seeking Emtone treatment, it is important to understand what the process looks like. Below is a guide to how Emtone cellulite reduction is performed.


Prior to your first Emtone session, we’ll ask you to schedule a consultation with us. We will examine your skin and the regions with cellulite. This is to assess the severity and type of your cellulite to determine whether Emtone will benefit you or not.

If you are not found to be a good candidate for Emtone treatment, you will be advised on alternative options at this time. If we find that Emtone is the right procedure for you, you may schedule your first session and begin preparation.

There is little to no preparation required for Emtone treatment. On the day of your procedure, we recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing. This is not required, but many patients prefer to wear something that helps them feel more relaxed during their sessions.


During your Emtone session, you will be able to lie comfortably while one of our providers administers your treatment. Using a handheld device, we deliver intense thermal energy deep into the tissues where cellulite is present. 

For most patients, this includes some combination of the stomach, back, buttocks, thighs, and arms. The mechanical energy heats the tissues and makes changes at the cellular level to tighten the underlying tissues and create a smoother appearance.

Most patients report feeling some warmth emitted from the device, but discomfort is rare. As a non-invasive cellulite reduction procedure, Emtone requires no anesthesia, incisions, sutures, or scarring. 

The Emtone process is very simple and sessions are quick to complete. The average Emtone session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the areas being treated.


Once your Emtone session is complete, you will be able to return home and resume normal activity right away. Emtone should not require a recovery period or downtime.

Patients typically see results begin to develop in the first few days after treatment. You will notice a tighter, more smooth appearance to the skin in the treated areas. It should feel more firm, and you can expect to see a significant decrease in the appearance of dimpling.

To see optimal results, patients with moderate to severe cellulite may need to return for additional Emtone sessions. This will be discussed during your initial consultation. 

Emtone Cellulite Treatment at Radiant Divine Medical Spa

Are you struggling with unsightly cellulite on your back, stomach, legs, or thighs? While over-the-counter products or certain exercises may claim to improve cellulite, they often fail to produce real results. This is where a cellulite treatment like Emtone can help! 

Emtone is a non-invasive cellulite reduction method that uses thermal energy to reduce dimpling and ripples in the skin. Radiant Divine Medical Spa in Chagrin Falls, OH, offers Emtone treatment for patients with cellulite. To learn more, contact us online or by phone today!