What Is Kybella Used for?

Do you have a double chin that makes you feel self-conscious? The fullness underneath your chin is sometimes called submental fullness and can be caused by genetics, weight gain, and aging. This can decrease self-confidence significantly, particularly when it is not caused by weight gain. It can make you look heavier than you are. At Radiant Divine Medical Spa in Avon, OH, we offer Kybella, a fat removal method that will improve your profile drastically.

What Is Kybella Used for? 

Kybella, also known as deoxycholic acid, is an injectable fat removal treatment that is used to eliminate submental fullness. In other words, it is used to destroy fat cells in your jowl region, under your chin, and on your neck. Deoxycholic acid is a chemical compound that is found naturally in the gut. It is used to process the fat that you consume in your diet.  

When it is injected into the chin and neck, it breaks down the fat in the local area. There is no need for incisions, and there is almost no downtime required after the treatment. Deoxycholic acid is a prescription medication that is FDA-approved to destroy submental fat.

How Does This Treatment Work? 

Kybella works by administering several doses of synthetic deoxycholic acid into the regions of concern, like the chin and jowls. In response to contact with the acid, a large percentage of the fat cells in the area die. This treatment is incredibly convenient. In most cases, a session can be completed in only 15 to 20 minutes, and you may only need one treatment session to achieve your ideal results. However, it can take up to six sessions depending on your goals.  

During each injection session, several injections will be made in strategic locations in the trouble regions for dramatic, natural-looking results.  If you require more than one injection session, they will be scheduled roughly four weeks apart. Most people only need up to six sessions at the most, so you won’t have to spend another full year with a profile you’re self-conscious about. Once the fat cells are destroyed, your body will flush them out slowly.  

What to Expect During Treatment

Since there are no incisions required, there is very little you need to do to prepare for this convenient treatment. It is advisable to schedule your appointments on days you don’t have a lot going on and thoroughly wash your face before your session. Before the administration of the medication, we will mark the most strategic injection sites and apply a numbing cream to your skin so you don’t feel anything during your treatment.

Once your skin is prepared, we will administer between 20 and 50 injections beneath your chin. The number of injections that are administered will depend on how much excess fat is in your submental area and your aesthetic goals.  

What to Expect Once Your Session Is Over

Once your session is over, you are free to resume your usual routine. You will not have to take any time off from work. A couple of weeks after your session, you will start to notice your profile improving. However, it may take between six and 12 weeks to see your final results.  

If you maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle, your results will last forever. Nevertheless, if you gain a significant amount of weight in the future, or your skin starts to sag significantly, you may need a follow-up treatment.

How Many Sessions Will I Need to See My Ideal Results? 

We will advise you on how many sessions will be required to achieve your ideal results during your initial consultation.  As noted above, up to six sessions may be required. However, most people only need one or two sessions if they are at a healthy weight and suffer from submental fullness due to genetics or the aging process.

How Long Do the Results of This Treatment Last?  

The injected prescription medication kills the fat cells in your submental region so they can no longer store fat. Since adults can’t grow new fat cells, you can feel confident that you will maintain your ideal profile for many years to come. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your unique profile and aesthetic goals so you can expect the best possible results.

Do I Qualify for This Treatment?

To find out whether you qualify for this treatment, you need to come in for an initial evaluation. During this evaluation, we will talk about your health history, including any procedures or cosmetic treatments you’ve had done on your face, chin, or neck. You must advise us of any difficulties you have swallowing, and we also need to know about any bleeding problems you have.

Additionally, you need to advise us if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant. Furthermore, we need to know about any drugs you take, particularly those that thin your blood. If you feel self-conscious about excess fat under your chin, you will probably be considered a good candidate for this treatment. It is not uncommon to feel like you look heavier or older than you truly are.

Other Qualifications

You will also probably be considered a good candidate for this treatment if you don’t want to undergo an invasive procedure to improve upon your appearance. Finally, you may qualify for this treatment if you have a relatively healthy lifestyle but just can’t budge the excess fat in your submental region.

What You Need to Know About Submental Fullness

Submental fullness is the aggregation of chin fat that is found close to the surface of the skin. It can affect both men and women alike, but women are far more likely than men to experience this condition.

It is very important to understand that anyone can experience this condition regardless of how little they weigh. You should also understand that you’re not alone. Research indicates that two-thirds of people are concerned about submental fullness. Also, studies indicate that people are just as concerned about submental fullness as they are about crow’s feet and bags under their eyes.

Why Do I Have Submental Fullness? 


People can develop submental fullness without gaining weight due to the natural aging process. Around the age of 25, the skin starts to produce less skin than it uses. This results in the skin becoming progressively laxer, and extra skin can develop beneath the chin.  

Unprotected sun exposure, and exposure to other sources of UV light, can also seriously damage collagen and elastin. As collagen and elastin are lost, the skin becomes fragile, thinner, and sheerer. Droopy skin can also be attributed to loss of facial fat beneath the temples, cheeks, chin, nose, and eyes and the effects of decades of gravity.

Weight and Diet

Submental fullness is most commonly caused by an unhealthy diet. Significant submental fullness can develop when your diet contains a large number of processed foods, saturated fats, and excess calories.  Examples of processed foods that can cause submental fullness are baked goods, fried foods, and cereals.  

It is easy to gain weight when your diet consists of a lot of processed foods because most people don’t eat mindfully. You can easily eat handfuls of non-satiating foods while watching TV, not realize how many calories you consumed, and still feel hungry enough to eat a large dinner.


Research has found that up to 80% of Americans don’t get enough exercise.  Unless you have an active job, it can be hard to force yourself to get enough exercise. Add in an hour-long commute both ways, a kid to take to soccer practice after homework, cooking, and cleaning, and, understandably, people don’t exercise enough. A lack of physical activity can contribute to submental fullness.


Genetics may also play a significant role in whether you experience submental fullness. If immediate family members have suffered from submental fullness, there is a greater chance that you will develop it. Also, there is a greater chance that you will develop submental fullness caused by skin laxity after treatment.

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If you have any other cosmetic concerns, we can help with that, too. For instance, we offer EMSCULPT NEO which can be used to reduce subcutaneous fat by 30% and increase muscle volume by 25%.