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Feeling down due to issues in the bedroom? Been spending time looking into getting a P-shot near you? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to a lot of people!

At Radiant Divine Medical Spa we’ve got the tools you need to reclaim your sexual wellness with quick and easy treatments, including the P-shot near Cleveland.

Benefits of the P-shot 

We use the P-shot near Cleveland to help our patients with a variety of sexual wellness issues. 

Getting up and staying up 

If you’re having trouble getting aroused, that’s what the P-Shot was made for. The P-shot helps increase blood flow to help with maintaining an erection and other symptoms of ED.

Better sexy times overall

The P-shot has been shown to increase size and sensitivity, two things that can just improve your bedroom experience all around.

What can I expect when I visit Radiant Divine for the P-shot near Cleveland?

A professional consultation

At Radiant Divine we always start our patients off with an in-depth consultation with one of our providers. We offer a variety of sexual wellness treatments, including Emsella near Cleveland, so we can provide a fully customized treatment plan for every person.

Quick treatment

Receiving your P-shot is a 30 to 45-minute appointment and you can return to your normal activities after. It’s a non-invasive injection and there’s no required downtime after. 


Some patients start noticing improvements very soon after their P-shot, but it can take a couple of weeks for the results to take full effect. The P-shot kick starts your body’s natural healing process to restore the tissues, so your results will continue to improve over time!

Reclaim your freedom with the P-shot near Cleveland!

At Radiant Divine, we’re here to help you with whole-body wellness, and that includes making sure you feel your best in all situations. We never lose sight of what matters: happy clients who feel taken care of and love the way they look and feel. We keep things comfortable and welcoming for everyone who walks through our doors. 

Let’s get the conversation started! Request an appointment or check out our neat virtual consultation to get personalized recommendations in your inbox.

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