7 Microneedling Benefits Help Your Skin Get Its Groove Back

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Microneedling in Cleveland is a go-to skin rejuvenation treatment that restores your skin’s collagen levels. At Radiant Divine Medical Spa, we use microneedling to help our patients renew their skin with minimal downtime and no extensive recovery.

Microneedling benefits the skin—and your aesthetic goals—in several ways.

Our Favorite Microneedling Benefits

1. Quick, No Downtime Treatments

We can complete a microneedling treatment in about 30 minutes, and most microneedling treatments don’t require any downtime. Even deeper treatments may only take a day or two for redness and sensitivity to subside, but you can go about your normal activities right after your treatment!

2.Treat Multiple Concerns at Once

Microneedling addresses your skin’s overall health and can treat multiple skin conditions at once. 

3.Effectively Turn Back Time

If you’re bothered by wrinkles or other signs of aging, microneedling has your back. After a microneedling treatment, your skin will be tighter and more youthful.

4.Tone and Firm Your Skin

Microneedling benefits your skin by boosting collagen production. Collagen is one of your skin’s primary building blocks and is responsible for keeping your skin plump and smooth.

5. Say Goodbye to Blemishes and Scars

Sun damage, acne scars, and stretch marks are no match for the power of microneedling. The needles break up damaged tissue to encourage your body to shed it away and replace it with new skin cells.

6. Add-Ons Boost Your Results

The small dermal channels that microneedling creates allow skincare products to penetrate more deeply after your treatment. RF microneedling can boost your results, as can adding PRP to your treatment session.

7. An Alternative to Laser Treatments

Microneedling can provide the same benefits as laser treatments without the longer downtime and recovery that comes with laser.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Microneedling Yourself?

Unlock your skin’s potential with the help of our skincare experts at Radiant Divine. Our highly trained staff specializes in creating customized treatment plans to meet your skin’s unique needs.

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