Liquid Rhinoplasty vs. Traditional Rhinoplasty – What Makes Liquid Better?

The thought of opting for rhinoplasty, or a nose job, can be daunting for some people. It’s easy for someone to feel like this surgery is invasive and risky, leaving you to think you only have two options: either learn to love the nose you have, or summon the courage to see the surgical procedure through. But there is a non-surgical alternative – liquid rhinoplasty, and the cosmetic specialists at Radiant Divine Medical Spa are proud to offer this treatment to those who qualify.

Liquid rhinoplasty is a non-surgical and subtle technique that may sound contradictory to itself, but in reality, it’s a marvel of modern aesthetic medicine. Liquid rhinoplasty reshapes the nose by using dermal fillers that are injected directly into the skin of the nose. These fillers are FDA tested and approved, and work to ensure a more beautiful and harmonious result with the rest of the patient’s face. Some of the specific differences between traditional and liquid rhinoplasty are:

  1. Surgery

Both procedures target areas of concern on the nose, such as irregular contour, droopy end, crooked, or a bump on the bridge. However, traditional rhinoplasty requires you to go under the knife, whereas liquid rhinoplasty is non-surgical and achieved by injecting fillers. It is important to know only traditional rhinoplasty can reduce the width or length of your nose.

As you can imagine, surgery comes with a host of downsides. For one, some people aren’t interested in undergoing surgery due to the hassle it involves. For others, they don’t have the option to undergo surgery due to a medical condition or another complication. Many people who don’t qualify for surgery can still qualify for non-surgical procedures.

  1. Result

Unlike traditional rhinoplasty which is permanent, liquid rhinoplasty only involves an injection into the skin, so its results are temporary (usually between multiple months to a year or longer). The injection of the liquid, also referred to as ‘fillers’, allows for more precision than traditional rhinoplasty, as they can adjust the technique during the procedure to focus on detailing and reshaping the nasal contour.

Traditional rhinoplasty can take up to a year to settle, so results can be hard to predict and may cause undue stress if they are not the desired cosmetic outcome. Alternatively, liquid rhinoplasty is a quick procedure that can continue to be altered and maintained over time with extra fillers.

  1. Your Control

Normal rhinoplasty requires an anesthetic to sedate the patient prior to surgery, but liquid rhinoplasty positions the patient in the driver’s seat, as there is no sedation. Liquid rhinoplasty is non-surgical and can be performed as an outpatient procedure right here in the comfort of our office. Patients are conscious during their injections, actively discussing their desired results with their provider, whilst reviewing their face in a mirror if they’d like. This control over the ‘end result’ is invaluable because the results are immediate and adjustable. It is worth noting that the procedure does not cause persistent swelling or nosebleeds like the traditional procedure, so the experience will be pleasant whilst you observe your reflection.

  1. Recovery

Your recovery time and your recovery experience are crucial to your decision regarding traditional or liquid rhinoplasty, so we have broken down the main differences.

Traditional Rhinoplasty

Experts estimate recovery at two weeks with final results taking up to a year to become visible. You can resume your normal activities several weeks after the surgery, possibly sooner, if you adopt a routine of strong pain medication and cool compresses during recovery. Other symptoms and results can include:

  • Bruising around the eyes
  • Unwanted cosmetic result
  • Nose bleeds
  • Cartilage collapse
  • Risk of scarring and infection
  • Persistent swelling
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose

Liquid Rhinoplasty

By integrating a temporary filler material into the nose, the recovery period is substantially shorter. This non-surgical procedure usually takes just minutes to perform, and then you can return to normal activities within just hours, if not immediately. The results are immediate and can be adjusted further or maintained with additional fillers later. Liquid rhinoplasty mitigates any of the risks normally associated with surgery and anesthesia, so the symptoms are mild to non-existent effects.

A Closer Look at the Benefits

As you may know all too well, almost everyone wishes they could tweak the appearance of their nose, but don’t want to have to have surgery to correct it. Thankfully, liquid rhinoplasty treatments will help give you the nose you’ve always wanted quickly and easily.

For starters, liquid rhinoplasty is a non-surgical alternative to traditional rhinoplasty that involves injecting dermal fillers into the nose to alter the overall shape and/or other aspects of it. Many minor flaws can be corrected easily and quickly using dermal filler injections, leaving you with a new and improved nose in an instant. For example, if your nose is “bumpy” in appearance, injections are placed into areas that can be filled in to even out the overall shape of your nose, giving it an even, smooth appearance.

These treatments are designed to be comfortable and quick with minimal to no downtime and are far less expensive than traditional rhinoplasty procedures, making them an excellent alternative to surgery for a number of reasons.

The Top Benefits

Liquid rhinoplasty procedures are quick and easy and tend to provide outstanding benefits. Check out the top benefits of getting a liquid rhinoplasty to see what a treatment can do for you:

  1. Minimally-Invasive and Easily Reversible

Traditional rhinoplasties are an invasive procedure with an uncomfortable healing process. However, liquid rhinoplasties are quick, easy, and minimally-invasive. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a nose that you hate because dermal fillers can easily be dissolved if you don’t like the look of your new nose.

  1. Easily Correct Minor Flaws

Many people are unhappy with the curvature of their nose and wish they could change it. Luckily, you don’t have to endure a traditional rhinoplasty if there are minor flaws in your nose you’d like to correct. A liquid rhinoplasty can take care of anything from the angle of your nose, to filling in unattractive dips in your nose to give it a more streamlined appearance.

  1. Minimal Recovery Time

Unlike traditional rhinoplasty procedures that have a long, uncomfortable recovery time, liquid rhinoplasties do not need a long recovery time. Because you are only dealing with dermal fillers, recovery time is a breeze. Unlike traditional rhinoplasties, liquid rhinoplasty offers a quick turnaround period, and you can resume most of your normal activities immediately following treatment. Typically, injection sites are completely healed within days of the treatment.

  1. Quickly Improves Facial Symmetry

Liquid rhinoplasty will give you a new look instantly without the hassle of traditional rhinoplasties. You can instantly see what your face looks like with a more symmetrical nose, which can enhance the attractiveness of your face. You can fix dips and bumps in your nose quickly and easily to improve the overall appearance of your face with a liquid rhinoplasty.

  1. Boosts Self-Confidence

When a person has something about their appearance that bothers them, their self-confidence levels can suffer. You may know this firsthand due to the way your nose looks. Thankfully, after this non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure, you can experience the benefits of being pleased with your facial features. Your self-confidence levels will likely improve as you take on new and exciting opportunities.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation

One of the primary objectives of any surgical procedure is to look like you never had one in the first place. Traditional rhinoplasty, and its invasive surgical technique, can still present several risks to certain patients, such as poor wound healing and scarring. These are two possible risks that every patient would dread happening to them. However, liquid rhinoplasty, with its non-surgical technique and amazing precision, offers patients an opportunity to address their perceived imperfections without any of the traditional risks. So if you feel that this non-surgical procedure may be for you, you owe it to yourself to reach out to qualified professionals so that you can learn more about the procedure and your candidacy for it.

Look no further than our team at Radiant Divine Medical Spa. We are proud to offer a range of non-surgical procedures that can help you look and feel your best regardless of your age. During a consultation, we can assess your unique case by learning about your cosmetic goals and evaluating your health and medical history. From there, we can come up with a customized treatment plan for you. If you are interested in a liquid nose job in particular, we would be more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about the treatment itself while we determine if it can work for you. Do keep in mind that every situation is different, and that’s one of the reasons why an initial consultation is so important.

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