Have You Heard About Restylane Lyft for Hand Rejuvenation?

In case you have not heard, here is the good news. Your favorite skin rejuvenation procedure is now available for the hands. The FDA approved the use of Restylane Lyft® to fill out your aging hands. This product is now available for face as well as hand rejuvenation.

In case you have not noticed, hands can easily give away your age. Even after giving the rest of the body a lift, the back of your hands will tell your age to a discerning audience. This can be embarrassing especially after a successful face treatment using Restylane®. We often forget about our hands when we are considering cosmetic treatments.

These effects of aging are common in petite women whose tendons and veins tend to be conspicuous. Hands are also quite notorious because you cannot apply concealers. Thanks to Restylane Lyft®, you can now rest assured that your hands could look bright and healthy again.

Wrinkling and Volume Loss in the Hands

Naturally, your body produces hyaluronic acid and collagen. Collagen is a skin protein that forms much of your skin tissue, and hyaluronic acid is the fluid that keeps your skin hydrated. The two substances work together to ensure that your hands remain young and full. As you age, the production of this cocktail reduces. The body stops to produce collagen, and the level of hyaluronic acid reduces significantly.

Collagen forms the bulk of the skin tissue. When the body produces hyaluronic acid, the acid helps by hydrating the collagen. This activation keeps the skin healthy. If that does not happen, your face and hands will remain dry, cracked, and dull.

When that happens, your body’s ability to retain its shape and volume reduces significantly. Even after makeup, there is minimal effect. The bones, tendons, and veins will remain evident. Your hands will continue to deteriorate over time unless you do something. Dermal fillers are the most probable option. Restylane Lyft® is a dermal filler that uses hyaluronic acid, water, and a few other hydrating agents to revitalize your skin.

How Does Restylane Lyft® Work?

A member of our team will inject hyaluronic acid in your skin surface to replace the missing volume. Once the acid is there, it will activate collagen. Your skin will stay hydrated and firm.

To inject the filler, the practitioner may numb your hand to minimize any level of discomfort. They will also minimize the number of injections. They will then move the fluid uniformly inside the surface of your skin to give you a smooth hand.

Facts About Restylane Lyft®

Here are a few facts about this hand rejuvenation procedure to help you make your decision. The treatment procedure comes from a reputable family of dermal fillers. They have other effective treatment procedures in the market.

This FDA-approved hand rejuvenation procedure uses hyaluronic acid. It is the only one of its kind in the legal market. Approval from the Food and Drug Administration is the holy grail of medicine. Without authorization, you can never know if the procedure is safe.

Restylane Lyft® has a seal of approval because it is safe and effective. The FDA wants to see medically-proven results on patients. It also wants to see a product that delivers sustainable results. They have identified these features in this procedure.

Once the FDA approves a drug, the developers of the drug can train physicians on best practice, people in academia can conduct clinical studies about efficacy and usage, and doctors can prescribe the service to patients.

Since its approval, there has been a surge of activity in all three areas. More research is now available about Restylane Lyft®’s ability to deal with atrophy and volume loss in the back of the hands.

There is also research on the long-term effects of the procedure. Research shows that the process rejuvenates your hands for over six months. Staying hydrated can improve the overall results of the treatment. You should not massage your hands after the procedure to avoid bruising. You can also take supplements to reduce bruising and improve patient outcomes.

Are You Eligible for Restylane Lyft®?

Atrophy and volume loss is associated with aging. Men and women past the age of 35 can seek this treatment if they have signs of aging and volume loss on their hands. If you look older than you want to appear, you should consider the option.

If you have enjoyed the benefits of facial rejuvenation in the recent past, the chances are that your hands are giving away your age. You can do hand rejuvenation to go hand in hand with the other procedures.

Skinny people are at the most significant risk of looking older than they are. If you don’t like the look of your hands, you may consider this option. If the back of the hands looks veiny, skinny, skeletal, bony, wrinkled, or dull because of volume loss or atrophy, Restylane Lyft® is an excellent option for you.

Most aesthetic medical procedures will do well in a healthy body. A healthy body is resilient, and it can deliver better results in any cosmetic procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Restylane Lyft®?

You might be wondering why you should consider this option. Worry no more because you have several benefits that you can reap from this product.

It Conceals Tendons and Veins

Everyone has veins, but that doesn’t mean you want them to show through your skin. Volume loss due to aging can often cause our veins to show through, which can effectively be hidden with hand rejuvenation.

Tendons should not make you feel bad about yourself. They have a role in your overall motion and sensory system. If you use Restylane Lyft®, you can conceal tendons and veins for a long time. You can enjoy the appearance of your hands after the process.

It Delivers a Youthful Appearance

Injecting the fluid on your hands ensures that the skin becomes fuller and smoother. If you have a few throwback photos of your hands, such as an engagement photo, you can use that to compare the results of the procedure.

It gives you a youthful appearance. Color and muscle tone also improves dramatically. No sagging or wrinkling will be left on your hands. However, not everyone will get the same results. Some people will benefit more than others will.

A good doctor will try to work on your hands to give you a look that befits your age. There is a way you can do it to have a swollen look. The amount of injected fluid is relative to the amount of fat in your hands and overall body. If you have lost significant fat tissues, mild application of the acid can still deliver noticeable results.

The Results Are Almost Instantaneous

Restylane Lyft® procedure delivers enough fluid into the surface to bring the desired look. The results are immediate. Apart from a few days after the process when the hand may be a bit uncomfortable, the rest of the time you will enjoy the results of appealing hands.

It Can Inhibit Skin Degeneration

Adding a valuable ingredient in your skin can prevent it from degeneration. Hyaluronic acid injection rejuvenates skin proteins such as collagen to boost overall skin activity. This process reduces skin atrophy significantly.

It Delivers Long-Term Results

The results start from as early as day one of the procedure and can last up to six months. You can repeat the process once the results go below your desired levels. At your consultation, our team of experts can recommend a personalized treatment plan for you to ensure your hands always look their best.

Improves Hydration

Hyaluronic acid is the chief hydrating agent in your skin. Eating the right diet and drinking enough water raises the level of this fluid on your body. However, Restylane Lyft® delivers enough hydrating agent in your hands to last for a long time.

Even if your skin’s ability to rejuvenate is compromised, the procedure will improve your hydration levels dramatically. This can significantly reduce the look of dull, wrinkled, or rough hands.

Are You Ready for a Hand Rejuvenation Treatment?

In case you have any effects of aging on your hands that you would like to remove, visit Radiant Divine Medical Spa for this procedure. Our educated staff will examine you before recommending the process. Booking an online appointment can work perfectly, especially if you are coming for the first consultation.

Be free to talk about your objectives with our experts. Remember, the doctor will deliver the product that you have in mind. The doctor will guide you on some of the available options. They will use photos of other patients who have benefited from the procedure to give you a good idea of what to expect.

You can use the results of other patients to determine your most preferred appearance after the process. To get fuller and healthier hands, you need a successful Restylane Lyft®. To get the procedure done to perfection, visit our medical spa in Avon, Brecksville, or Medina. Contact us today to schedule your hand rejuvenation consultation!