Burning Fat with Emsculpt Neo 

The CDC states that every year an estimated 65 million Americans go on a diet in the hopes of getting the toned and slim body they want. Diet and exercise don’t always work, however. Stubborn pockets of fat can remain unchanged even after a rigorous exercise regimen, and that is where turning to cosmetic procedures can help. 

At Radiant Divine Medical Spa, we offer Emsculpt Neo to tackle fat that you have trouble getting rid of while at the same time sculpting muscles. What is Emsculpt Neo? Learn more about what this procedure involves. 

What Is Emsculpt Neo?

Emscupt Neo is a non-invasive body sculpting option that uses both radiofrequency energy and high-intensity electromagnetic energy to burn fat and tone your muscles. 

Radiofrequency energy heats up your fat to a precisely calibrated temperature. In just a few minutes, the temperature in subcutaneous fat cells reaches the level necessary for fat cell death, called apoptosis. 

Once the fat cells die, your body eliminates them through the lymphatic system, removing them permanently. 

While Emsculpt Neo burns fat cells, it also causes muscles to contract by using high-intensity electromagnetic energy. The intense contracting of the muscles increases the growth and number of muscle cells and fibers. 

Emsculpt Neo can help treat many areas, including the following:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Calves
  • Buttocks
  • Back

This is not a weight-loss treatment but a body contouring one, so the best candidates are people who are close to their target weight but want a bit of help getting some areas toned. You should also be ready to keep following a healthy and active lifestyle so that you can maintain your Emsculpt Neo Results. 

People who are not within 15 to 20 pounds of their ideal weight, who want to treat very large areas, or who have a metal implant like a pacemaker or an IUD might not be good candidates for Emsculpt Neo. You may also need an alternative procedure if you have epilepsy, a cancerous growth, hemorrhagic conditions, or a drug pump. 

Benefits of Emsculpt Neo

This procedure is non-invasive, requiring no downtime. You can get back to your life right after your appointment. 

Emsculpt Neo results look natural. Because the procedure uses your body’s lymphatic system to remove fat cells, the process is a gradual one. This allows you to get natural-looking results over time in a way that surgical procedures cannot do. 

The results are also permanent as long as you don’t gain a significant amount of weight. Once the fat cells die off, they don’t return. 

We can also tailor the treatment to your needs, targeting various areas at the same time for maximum results. 

Preparing for Emsculpt Neo

We will schedule a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Our team will ask for your full medical history, a list of any cosmetic procedures you may have undergone in the past, and all of the medications and supplements you take. 

During this consultation, we will also discuss how many Emsculpt Neo sessions you will need. Your personalized treatment plan will depend on the areas you want to target. 

To prepare for Emsculpt Neo treatment, drink lots of water in the days leading up to the appointment. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, and make sure to shave the treatment area the day before the procedure.  

We also recommend you stop taking blood-thinning medications and supplements, such as aspirin and fish oil, for at least a week before the procedure. 

The Emsculpt Procedure and Recovery 

On the day of your appointment, come to our medical spa in comfortable clothes and without any lotions or creams on the areas we will treat. Don’t eat a heavy meal before the procedure. 

We will ask you to lie down, and we will place the applicators on the treatment areas. After we remove the applicators, we will massage the areas we treated to help loosen up fat cells. 

The entire procedure can last 30 to 40 minutes, and you can return to your day right after. 

There aren’t many things you need to do after the procedure except drink lots of water and wait. The results will not be immediate because your body has to eliminate fat through its natural processes. Some people see better muscle tone after a few days, while others have to wait two to four weeks. Most people see results within two to three months. 

Depending on your goals and on the area we will treat, you may need as many as four sessions for optimal Emsculpt Neo results. 

To maintain the results, you should stick to a healthy diet and an active exercise routine. Although the removal of fat cells is permanent, new fat cells can grow if you gain significant weight. The muscle mass increase is not permanent, although it can last about six months. By exercising, you can help maintain this new mass. 

Get a Sleeker, More Toned Body

If you don’t want to struggle with stubborn body fat that not even your most strenuous exercise efforts can eliminate, you can turn to a non-invasive cosmetic body contouring procedure like Emsculpt Neo. 

At Radiant Divine Medical Spa In Chagrin Falls, OH, we offer Emsculpt Neo for people who are close to their ideal weight but need a bit of help with muscle toning and eliminating fat. 

We combine advanced medical technology with the latest cosmetic procedures to enhance your natural beauty and boost how you look and feel. Request an appointment today to learn more about Emsculpt Neo!