Are You a Candidate for the P Shot? 5 Things to Consider

For most men, a healthy sex life is central to physical and emotional well-being. Love, connection, pride and contentment are directly connected to this elemental part of our being. Over the course of time and age, men’s sexual functions typically experience some deterioration. Today it’s possible to bring back the vitality and potency of younger years with the P Shot, now offered by Radiant Divine Medical Spa in Avon, OH.

What Exactly Is This Treatment?

The Priapus Shot (P Shot) is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical solution to diminished sexual function in men. This treatment uses the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a concentrate of their own blood, to rejuvenate the penis and increase the stimulation of new tissue growth. This results in improved erections that are larger, firmer and more frequent than experienced before the treatment.

The PRP that serves as the magic formula is drawn from the patient himself. Using a proprietary technique, platelet-rich plasma is extracted from a small blood sample and then injected into the shaft & into the head of the penis. The experience is a quick 20-minute procedure that’s typically painless and trauma-free. There is no recovery time and the results are virtually immediate for some men. Full results from the treatment appear in 2-3 months.

Why Is the P Shot Better Than Alternatives?

Because the PRP treatment is repairing your body, it is more effective and more natural than other erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments. With medications designed to temporarily relieve ED, there’s always the chance of side effects such as headaches. There’s also the chance that the medication’s effects won’t last until the moment is right, or long enough. At nearly ten dollars a pill for higher dosages, ED therapy can also be costly, especially for larger-sized men.

Beyond oral medications, men with ED have the option of surgical techniques to correct their condition. These invasive procedures usually involve implants of a prosthetic device into the penis, a drastic move that most men would likely call a last resort. Other surgical techniques, such as artery reconstruction to increase blood flow and vein blocking that slows the blood from leaving the penis, are also serious, drastic measures.

The P Shot can provide the same benefits as both oral and surgical techniques with a non-invasive injection treatment that produces results almost immediately. Men can return to sexual activity the same night as their treatment.

Who Fits the Profile for the P Shot?

Diminished sexual performance and ED are not unusual in men of all ages. Beyond the physical toll taken by age and lifestyle choices, emotional factors come into play for performance issues.

Relationships with loved ones become often become confused by changes in sex patterns, causing domestic anxiety. Stresses due to work and home life put most adult men far from the carefree days of what used to come most naturally. In general, you’re a good candidate for P Shot therapy if one or more of these situations sound familiar:

1. Diminished Performance

As we age, our bodies typically slow down due to wear and lifestyle changes. Blood flow and respiration aren’t what they used to be, even for those who stay physically fit. Men in this category are able to achieve erections and can usually maintain them long enough for sexual satisfaction. That said, performance just isn’t as long or as steady it used to be, and these men miss the good old days. So do their loved ones.

If you’re at all worried about the vitality and consistency of your sexual performance, you’re probably already experiencing some level of diminishment. Performance anxieties due to these diminishments can spoil sexual satisfaction, leading to decreased sexual interest and increased strain on relationships.

2. Trouble Getting Started

Many men with ED have trouble producing an erection without assistive medications. There are numerous physical reasons for needing a pill, including prostate health, alcohol and tobacco use and overall physical fitness. Taking medication to produce an erection in spite of these less-than-ideal conditions is only a band-aid solution for an evening or weekend. Also, as many men can attest, pills are an answer that doesn’t always work as well as advertised.

Healthy tissue and blood flow are key to the production of a vibrant erection. Pills won’t produce these necessary conditions. They can only force the erection in spite of poor conditions, and only then for a matter of hours.

3. Maintenance Problems

For many men, attaining an erection isn’t the problem. Keeping one that’s firm enough and lasts long enough is the real issue and one that’s no less discouraging. Once again, from a physical standpoint, poor blood flow is usually the culprit. With this level of condition, not quite ED, not quite your old self, sexual relations can be anxious instead of enjoyable. That’s never a good thing.

The inability to confidently maintain an erection long enough for both partner’s satisfaction can lead to a double hurt. What goes down in an unsatisfying session of sex is troubling enough. Worse, the “why does this happen” questions, even when not said out loud, can become a confusing source of strain for the couple.

4. Issues Beyond the Sheets

Sex is an important component of well-being for both men and women. Both take pride in their sexual selves, and for many people, their best self is the one they share with their loved one between the sheets. Sexual arousal begins at the brain and the heart. The genitalia responds quickly thereafter.

When problems of sexual performance arise between two people, the disappointments can be difficult to explain. Simple constricted blood flow that could be corrected in one or two treatments is often the real reason. But when sex becomes tense between couples, doubt is easy to come by. Is it me? Is it you? Misunderstandings can have lasting effects far beyond the bedroom.

5. Drugs Have Become Necessary

Most humans are creatures of habit. We wake the same time each day and try to eat at given times when we can. For many people, sexual activity is also habitual, both in its timing and setting. For many men who suffer from ED, taking a pill before bed is an ongoing habit. This habit may be accompanied by side effects such as headaches or light-headedness. Neither are conducive to sexual arousal.

Oral ED treatments may not be physically habit-forming, but their continued use and often regular timing make them a psychological habit that can’t easily be broken. Men who take ED pills over the long them often can’t perform easily (or at all) without them. PRP therapy can make your expensive ED pills obsolete.

The Benefits of Getting Help

Patients receiving the P Shot treatment report firmer, larger erections and improved sexual enhancement. For many men, there’s almost no gift greater. Other benefits include increased sensitivity and along with it, increased desire. These responses are purely natural. When you see how good you can feel again sexually, you’ll want and get more out of your sex life.

One of the more subtle benefits of this treatment and your revitalized sexual self is the improved relations that result. Sex is a powerful means of expression, and nothing else signifies love and bonding between partners any better. A rejuvenated sex life is a rejuvenated life for couples.

What Else Should I Know?

The Priapus Shot is not painful. The numbing cream used by our expert clinicians is highly effective. Some patients report feeling some pressure during the injection, but there’s no pain after the procedure. While most men might cringe at the thought of injection therapy in that particular organ, the truth is that most of the discomfort experienced is psychological.

Some patients see excellent results with only one treatment. Others might need two procedures spaced three months apart to achieve optimal results. There’s no recovery involved from this treatment and patients can resume sexual activity right away. The P-Shot requires no “downtime.” Since you are literally rebuilding tissue in your body, several months will be needed to truly enjoy the full restorative effect of the treatment.

Is the P-Shot Right for Me?

A consultation with your therapy provider will help determine if this treatment could work for you and your family. A broad range of men, young & old, can benefit from the Priapus Shot procedure. These include men who are on testosterone replacement and those that aren’t and those with diabetes as well. The treatment for everyone is fast, natural and long-lasting.

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P shot near me? One of the most commonly asked questions. To know if you are a candidated for this Talk to the expert therapists at Radiant Divine Medical Spa in Avon, OH if you want to make your sex life better. Request an appointment and find out in person how this revolutionary treatment is improving lives, marriages and families. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to regain the joy, the bonding and the satisfaction of a vigorous, sexual you. It’s now not only possible: it’s easy.