Treatment Time: 45-90 minutes ( Depending on treatment, includes numbing)
Downtime: 3-7 Days

Why Do We Love Our Aerolase Era Laser For Ablative Treatments?

Facial rejuvenation is the fastest growing procedure in the booming anti-aging market, as people seek to restore a youthful appearance through the removal or reduction of wrinkles, spots and other signs of aging skin. However, popular modalities such as microdermabrasion and non-ablative laser therapy simply can’t provide the immediate results that people often desire, while chemical peels are associated with a lack of process control and a risk of side effects.

Our Era is a new solution to this problem, providing profound results in just one skin resurfacing procedure like Aerolase. This device delivers erbium laser energy – a modality that has become the gold standard in resurfacing – with optimized energy parameters (fluence, pulse width, spot size and repetition rate). This allows the skin to cool between pulses, yielding efficient, uniform skin ablation while avoiding thermal damage to surrounding tissue.

Our treatments provide high power output for deep, gentle resurfacing, yet it also provides superficial laser peels with virtually no downtime. This enables the laser practitioner to offer services to either the downtime-sensitive part of the facial rejuvenation market, as well as those seeking ‘instant gratification’ with immediate results.

Why You Should Choose Our Laser Service, And What Makes It Different

Complete Artistic Control – Our Era allows our providers to address each patient’s individual anti-aging concerns by enabling tailored treatment for both deep and superficial indications without demarcation lines.

Precise Depth of Ablation – We have a unique control over complete epidermal renewal which eliminates collateral thermal damage, damaging the dermis and ensures achieving desired, reproducible results for each patient.

Maximum Results, Minimal Downtime – a single treatment session allows for comparable results to a series of treatments with fractional devices, but with less downtime. A single more aggressive treatment offers similar results to C02 without adverse effects or prolonged patient downtime.

Minimal Adverse Effects – Our laser offers unmatched results with no hyper- or hypopigmentation, no bleeding, no oozing, no scarring and no excessive downtime immensely boosts patient satisfaction.

Cutaneous Lesions:

Cutaneous lesions are skin growths that come in many shapes and sizes. Our ablative and non-ablative methods to precisely remove lesions while avoiding treatment scarring or collateral tissue damage commonly seen with other methods of removal. The treatments below were results after 1 session.

Gentle Skin Resurfacing: Profound Skin Rejuvenation in a Single Treatment in 3 different treatments.

  • Refresh:

    Precisely ablate the most superficial layers of the skin to effectively renew any imperfections including uneven skin tone, texture and large pores. Treatment is performed in a simple 15-minute procedure. Due to the precise depth control there is no collateral thermal damage to the surrounding skin, allowing a very quick healing period of less than a few days.

    • All patients are candidates
    • Quick, simple, no anesthetic
    • Great for all skin tones & types
  • Renew

    While the most aggressive treatment, this procedure is still much gentler than other ablative modalities thanks to the pulse duration and carefully controlled depth of ablation, which will enable profound rejuvenation in just one treatment as compared with 4-8 fractional treatments. Therefore, downtime occurs only once, instead of after each procedure.

    • Profound results in a single treatment
    • Gentler than C02
  • Reveal

    Our Era’s precise control and depth of ablation allow our providers to address medium depth indications such as fine lines and sun damage in a single, minimally invasive treatment.

Below Results are post 1 treatment.

Scars & Striae:

Our treatment is used to ablate skin along incision lines, post-suturing, to minimize raised scar formation, and to resurface existing scar tissue. Era has also been proven to be very effective to minimize scar formation for traumatic scars as well.

  • Minimize & reduce appearance of scars
  • Ability to tailor treatment to scar type
  • Improves both skin texture and pigment

Above results range from 1-3 treatments.

The rejuvenation of this skin with our Era (Erbium) laser from Aerolase allows for ‘total periorbital rejuvenation’ with a more complete cosmetic enhancement as compared to blepharoplasty alone.


The fast growing anti-aging market spans 
a wide range of procedures including blepharoplasty, involving the removal of lax skin and fat deposits from the eyelids. A patient whose eyelids have progressed to this stage will typically also exhibit extensive signs of aging in the periorbital skin, in the form of wrinkles, sun and age spots, and other blemishes. ** We do NOT perform Blepharoplasty’s**