Treatment time: 50 minutes
Longevity: Up to 1 Year




Restylane Silk, composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural component of the body responsible for retaining moisture, Restylane Silk can increase lip volume and fullness while also smoothing wrinkles around the mouth. Since Restylane Silk is in the form of a silky gel and contains smaller, smoother particles of hyaluronic acid, it can be administered into your lips with more precision, resulting in improved lip enhancement. The thinner gel also assures smoother, softer, and more natural-looking results for some patients.

Restylane Silk is used to:


  • Smooth wrinkles around the mouth
  • Improve thinning lips
  • Restore lip fullness and volume
  • Result in smoother, silkier lips
  • Provide a natural-looking lip shape
  • Improve lip symmetry

What is the average amount I will need per treatment?

This will vary from one client to the next. On average, most clients receive 1 to 2 syringes at their visit. The common target areas would be: 

Lip Enhancement (1-2 syringes)

Lip Lines/Wrinkles (1 syringe)

Under Eye Correction (1-3 syringes)

Recovery Time - 3 days; slight swelling for 2 weeks




Who is a good Candidate for RESTLANE SILK?

Anyone who desires fuller, smoother lips is most likely a good candidate for Restylane Silk® Please contact us and schedule a free consultation online to find out more about Restylane Silk® and to discuss your individual needs.

How long will my results last?

The benefits of Restylane Silk last for approximately six months. In clinical trials, 98 percent of patients reported a noticeable improvement in overall lip fullness within 14 days of the initial treatment, and 76 percent of people still reported an improvement in the appearance of their lips after six months.