Who can use a Groupon in Radiant Divine Medical Spa?

Groupons are for NEW clients only. If you’ve previously had any service or purchased any products at Radiant Divine Medical Spa you cannot use these discounts again. Please contact Groupon for a refund if you’ve already purchased a Groupon and you’re not a new client, they usually process refunds in 2-4 business days. This is a service to the ones that have a new interest in our services and cannot be combined with any other rewards programs ( Brilliant Distinctions and Aspire Rewards), membership pricing or discounts! We suggest reading the fine print in Groupons voucher in full prior to purchasing. We will not be liable for Groupons purchased and not accepted by us if purchased outside of our policies. Groupon is the merchant, we are the vendor. For customer service issues, please refer to Groupons customer service department. Groupons are not valid with Rachel as the provider.

Why We Offer Groupon

Groupon is a courtesy and does not have to be offered by anyone. It is designed to service and educate new clients that may be new to our services, our locations or anyone’s services for that matter. When you buy a Groupon and pay the Groupon price, Groupon retains 50% if not more of that discounted sales price leaving little or no income for the business.

Why can't I use more than one at a time or every visit?

The reason we don’t accept multiple Groupon’s from the same clients, is not because we don't want to, but because we can't. No business can operate offering repeted free services. By not accepting more than one is not because we're being mean or cheap, but simply because we want to remain your Medical Spa for years to come and we are really good at what we do. Think of it as a chance to show you at a new client discount and us putting our money where our mouth is. We are so confident when you visit, you'll love your results and what we have to offer and exceed your expectations and will see you back again and again.

Will You offer the Groupon price in the spa?

YES! As opposed to buying on Groupon, we will honor that price in the spa and you'll even help us out a little. We can't however match Groupon’s sales or discounts from time to time when offered. The most common are 20% off or save $20.00 and so on. Why? because those are Groupons sales and taken off their end. New and first time clients only!

I sent in a friend but they also bought on Groupon, Do I get the referral credit?

Unfortunately we cannot. As stated above Groupon takes most of the purchase price for the advertising the prdoduce. While we are thankful you recommended us, unfortunatly  we can't offer referral credits on Groupon purchased services, even when bought in house.

You sold me this Groupon and I didn't read the fine print and I cant return it because Groupon said so, What will you do for me?

That may look true but in fact it isn’t. Groupon is the seller and we are accepting Groupon’s voucher ( subject to terms and conditions). Groupon posts in the fine print the terms of redemption and new clients only. We urge everyone to read it, or any fine print before buying anything. You have a 4-day period to have a Groupon refunded,by Groupon, and 4 months on a purchased voucher before it expires, per Groupon's policies. If one of those periods have passed, and you didn't read the voucher terms completely, we can't honor that price as repeat client or as an expired voucher and the purchased value. However, what we WILL do for you on expired vouchers and non-refundable vouchers, is give a credit of our redemption amount (which is about half of what you paid) towards a service at regular spa price. In the end, something is better than nothing. Please read the fine print!


More Groupon Policies and FAQ's

Can I buy multiple Groupons or Groupons for multiple services
Only 1 Groupon per person and for new clients only.

Can I use the Botox or Dysport Groupon for multiple areas?
No. Botox and Dysport Groupons are eligible for only one area.

Can I purchase both the Botox and the Dysport Groupon and use them for multiple areas?
No. Botox and Dysport is eligible for only one area and only one Groupon per person.

Which areas can I use the Botox or Dysport Groupon on?
Choose 1: Glabella, Forehead, Crow’s Feet or Bunny Lines. You can also purchase additional units at the office for the low rate of $10.50 for Botox or $3.50 for Dysport with our awesome membership. Without membership, Botox is $12, Dysport is $4 per additional unit.

Which areas can I use the Juvederm, Restylane  or Volbella Groupon on?